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    How We Curate Lists of Charities

    Our curated lists help donors find recommended giving opportunities so they can give confidently.

    Making Giving Less Overwhelming


    Our expert analysts create lists of charities responding to current events and crises, organizations popular on Charity Navigator, and top-performing charities in their cause areas to help donors navigate giving. Not seeing a list you are looking for? Submit your idea for a new list of recommended charities.


    Click into each of the sections below to learn more about the steps we take to create lists.

    Our Where to Give Now lists help you find and support charities providing relief and recovery to those impacted by current events and crises. We monitor news feeds and searches on Charity Navigator to determine what lists to create.


    To create these lists, our team searches for charities that meet the following criteria:


    1. The charity has a three or four-star rating on Charity Navigator.
    2. The charity has clear, concentrated efforts responding to the issue as described on its website.
    3. If facing a specific crisis, the charity allows donors to designate their donations to the crisis-specific efforts.

    Popular Charities are the most searched for, visited, and supported on Charity Navigator. Our team reviews the charities with the most traffic, donations, and favorites each month to update the lists that correspond with the associated criteria. You can use this information to gain insight into where fellow donors are giving.

    Best Charities help you find standout organizations working on the causes you care about. 


    Our team reviews each cause area to find charities that meet the following criteria: 


    1. The charity has a three or four-star rating on Charity Navigator.
    2. The charity has to run a particularly impactful program, which we determine by a) their Impact & Results score, b) through partner organization’s research, or c) the charity has met at least nine equity practices as outlined in the Culture & Community beacon.

    Discover Charities Featured on our Curated Lists

    Find and support a charity responding to a crisis or current event or addressing a cause area close to your heart.