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    Where to Give Now

    Discover the most critical issues that need your help right now

    In times of crisis and disaster, communities across the world turn inward to embrace those they love and support, while extending their kindness and generosity to those affected. This generosity turns into thousands of volunteer hours, millions of dollars in donations, and tons of donated supplies. 


    When disaster strikes a community -- whether it be by natural or man-made causes -- we provide lists of highly rated organizations working to help those affected in whatever way they can. These charities are extraordinarily effective at what they do, giving you the chance to support a cause where you’ll have an impact.

    • home destroyed by tornado
      Mississippi Tornado
      Highly rated charities providing relief and recovery to Mississippi.
      9 charities
    • Devastation following earthquake
      Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
      Highly rated charities providing relief and recovery in the wake of the devastating earthquakes affecting Turkey and Syria.
      53 charities
    • flooded neighborhood
      California Floods
      Highly rated charities providing relief and recovery to Californians impacted by unprecedented torrential rains and flooding.
      9 charities
    • Stop Gun Violence sign
      Gun Violence
      Highly rated nonprofits focused on ending gun violence, promoting mental health, and supporting victims
      8 charities
    • Crisis in Ukraine
      Crisis in Ukraine
      Highly rated nonprofits involved in humanitarian relief, recovery, and peace-building efforts.
      47 charities
    • Nonprofits Dedicated to Veterans and Military Service Members
      Nonprofits Dedicated to Veterans and Military Service Member
      Highly rated nonprofits helping veterans, active or injured military personnel and their families.
      90 charities
    • Indigenous Peoples & Native-Led Nonprofits
      Indigenous Peoples & Native-Led Nonprofits
      Native-led nonprofits focusing on advocacy, education, and amplifying the history of Indigenous and Native communities.
      9 charities
    • women comforting one another
      Roe v. Wade Reversal
      Nonprofits with various approaches to helping people with unplanned, mistimed, or unwanted pregnancies.
      45 charities
    • hand showing voting sticker
      Voting Rights
      Highly rated charities working to ensure Americans have equal access to the polls.
      13 charities
    • Pride flags
      LGBTQIA+ Support
      Explore organizations focused on social support, health care, legal services, and advocacy, for the LGBTQIA+ community.
      12 charities
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    Learn How We Curate Our Lists

    View the criteria we use to select charities for our Where to Give Now, Popular Charities, and Best Charities lists.