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    • woman and girl
      Donor Perspective: BRAC
      BRAC is a wonderful example of a leading nonprofit leveraging its scale and experience to transform millions of lives by working to end extreme poverty.
    • group of children
      The Carver Foundation of Norwalk
      Founded by Black parents, clergy, and other community volunteers in 1938, the Carver Foundation of Norwalk takes Black History and education passionately.
    • BroSis group
      The Brotherhood Sister Sol
      The Brotherhood Sister Sol is a Black-led youth development organization making space for Black and Latinx youth to examine their roots and awaken their agency.
    • Capital Region group
      Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar
      Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar believes post-secondary education is the gateway to financial security and personal achievement.
    • DuPage group
      DuPage PADS on a Mission to End Homelessness
      DuPage PADS feeds and shelters individuals and families who are homeless and connects them to services that can address the underlying cause of their homelessness.
    • vote sign
      Preserving the Native American Vote
      The Native American Rights Fund is a Native-led legal organization that fights to protect Native American rights through litigation, legal advocacy, and expertise.
    • volunteer helping elderly at shelter
      Partners for Affordable Housing & Homelessness
      Partners for Affordable Housing, the parent agency for the greater Mankato area's homeless shelters, is working to combat homelessness. Learn more now.
    • veteran at work
      Help Veterans Still Serve America
      In a recent study, 60% of veterans identify as unemployed or under-utilized in the workforce. Still Serving Veterans is helping to change this. Learn more.
    • women and children in Sudan
      Water for South Sudan
      Learn about Water for South Sudan (WFSS) and its actions to help bring water to communities for World Water Day and beyond.
    • Midwest Food Bank truck
      Midwest Food Bank Volunteer Spotlight
      Learn about the Midwest Food Back and some of the most impactful volunteers in the organization who help it achieve its continued commitment and success.
    • homeless veteran with shopping cart
      Meet The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
      Learn about the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV), a national organization focused on finding effective solutions for ending veteran homelessness.
    • Native American with headdress
      Meet The Association on American Indian Affairs
      Learn about the Association on American Indian Affairs, which works to ensure Native American cultures and values are lived, protected, and respected.
    • soup kitchen
      Pandemic Ignites New Ways to Fight Hunger
      Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic forced charitable causes to find new ways to fight hunger through organizations like Action Against Hunger and others.
    • people on a bridge
      Bridges to Prosperity: A Name. A Mission.
      Learn about the adapting to get through the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis for Bridges to Prosperity, an international relief and development nonprofit.
    • child raising hand in front of computer
      Expanding Virtual Mentorship During Pandemic
      Learn about MENTOR and how the organization has worked to expand virtual mentoring during a time of social distancing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.