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    Employee Match Programs

    Make the most out of your employer's match program.

    At Charity Navigator, we believe that every donation--regardless of size--has the power to make a difference. The charities we evaluate would likely agree. But what if there was a way to make your donation go further? Employee match programs may be your answer. 


    What Are Employee Match Programs? 


    Employee match programs are a benefit that companies offer to encourage and reward giving among their staff. Think of this as free money you are empowered to employ on behalf of your community and the world. Most companies will match an employee’s gift to a charity one-to-one, but others match gifts two-to-one, and some even match donations three-to-one! This means that your gift to a charity can be worth two to four times as much as you donate.


    Not sure if your employer or a potential employer offers a charitable match? Utilize the search tool below and find out!

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    Taking Advantage of Your Employee Match 


    Employee match programs require a small amount of effort to engage, but the work will pay off for the nonprofits you choose to support. Here is how you can make the most of your employee match program.


        ● Step one: Learn the rules. Some companies have a preferred list of charities they partner with, while others match gifts to any charity an employee may support. The match likely has an annual limit. If you don’t know how your company’s match program works, contact your Human Resources department today! Don't forget to ask if they allow employees to volunteer their time with local charities. Some companies offer paid time off to staff when they volunteer with an organization in their community.


        ● Step two: Make your donation. Within the guidelines your company provides, select a charity. Search Charity Navigator to find or vet charitable organizations. Be sure to keep proof of your gift or volunteer time, which may require providing contact information for a receipt.


        ● Step three: Dot the i's and cross the t's. Typically, companies only need a receipt as proof of contribution and a single form requesting that they match the donation. Provide these (and any other required materials) promptly to the appropriate personnel at your company, likely the Human Resources department or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team. Confirm that the match was made.


    Don’t leave money for social good on the table! Take advantage of your employee match program this year and every year.