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    Giving and Taxes

    Discover the potential estate and tax benefits of charitable giving for ideas on how to optimize every donation.

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      Why You Should Donate Your Tax Return to Charity
      Getting a tax return can be seen as getting extra money you can either save or buy things with. This money could also be donated to charities and there are many reasons why donation is a good option.
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      What is Donation Bunching?
      Donation bunching is a tax strategy that consolidates your donations for two years into a single year to maximize your itemized deduction for the year you make your donations.
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      Charitable Deductions
      You may be able to deduct a significant amount of your charitable giving when tax time rolls around. Get the latest on how much you can deduct.
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      Tax Benefits of Giving
      While contributing toward a cause you believe in is definitely a benefit, you may also be able to save on taxes while you do it.
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      Tax-Smart Ways to Give
      Check out these smart strategies to ensure every dollar given counts toward reducing your tax bill.
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      Essential Estate Planning Documents
      A will is just the beginning—and you may not have all the documents you need to properly manage your affairs if you’re incapacitated.
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      Donating IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
      Learn about Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) for IRAs and other employee-sponsored retirement funds and how to donate them to charity and not get taxed 50%.
    • hand putting money in bucket
      How to Maximize Your Year-End Giving
      Find out the best ways to maximize year-end giving through donations to respected and well-regarded charities that match your passions and make good use of your generosity.