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    How To Be Gentler on the Environment

    Easy ways you can make a difference every day.

    With so much happening in the world, the environment may be the last thing on people’s mind. Yet, a healthy environment is so crucial that it not only provides us with air, food, and water, but it also mitigates the transfer of diseases (like COVID-19) from animals. The spread of the coronavirus has been attributed to human interference including deforestation, climate change, and wildlife destruction.

    The global lockdown response to the pandemic resulted in a slowdown in economic production and consequently, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality. While this is good news, it was not sustainable. If there is something positive to take from this global crisis, it’s that we have the power to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Increasing concerns over environmental health may lead you to seek out ways you can help. Fortunately, there are small, low-cost steps you can take to help the environment.



    Easy ways to help the environment:

        ● Use less water    

        ● Walk or bike instead of driving

        ● Use eco-friendly cleaning products

        ● Switch light bulbs to LED bulbs

        ● Safely plan to clean-up your local park

        ● Reduce the use of plastic

        ● Power off and unplug devices

        ● Support an environmental nonprofit

        ● Plant trees or flowers in your backyard

        ● Use biodegradable products



    You can also help protect the environment by donating to Charity Navigator's Environmental Fund - an expertly curated list of highly rated, US-based nonprofits focused on preserving and protecting the environment and to promote environmental research, conservation, and appreciation.