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    Envisioning Access (Formerly Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers)

    Envisioning Access (Formerly Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers)


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    541 Cambridge Street
    Boston MA 02134


    Boston MA | IRS ruling year: 1983 | EIN: 13-3146988  


    Organization Mission

    Envisioning Access (formerly Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers) is an organization dedicated to providing adults living with physical disabilities with new technologies so they may gain independence and self-empowerment. The organization was originally founded in 1979 to raise and train capuchin monkeys to administer daily in-home assistance to people living with physical disabilities. In 2023, we transitioned from a service animal model and established an Innovative Technology Initiative (ITI). Within the ITI we are building pilot projects that involve our recipients, who are expertly advising companies and researchers in developing technologies as real-world solutions that provide access to employment, educational, health, and socialization opportunities. We will never forget the service monkeys who took care of so many and we continue to care for our post-service monkeys at our Monkey Living Center. We also support our medically challenged monkeys living in foster homes nationwide, and those monkeys still in service. These animals have devoted their lives to helping people with disabilities and deserve a good quality of life. They need: 1) To be kept healthy in a nurturing environment where they socialize with people and/or other monkeys, 2) Caretakers who understand animal behavior and can build a strong bond with the monkeys, 3) Nutritious food specifically tailored to capuchins & ongoing medical care and medicines, 4) A safe environment with excellent air ventilation systems, play areas, and habitation areas. A capuchin in the wild may live between the age of 20-25. We have established excellent animal welfare standards and due to the care and love they receive most of our monkeys live to between 35-40.


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    FY 2022

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    Majority Independent Board Members - 100% independent members8 out of 8 points  
    Independent Board Size - 10 independent members7 out of 7 points  
    Financial Statements - Audit and Oversight Committee15 out of 15 points  
    Material Diversion of Assets - None10 out of 10 points  

    Tax Form Disclosures and Policies

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    Website Listed on Tax Form - Listed2 out of 2 points  
    Conflict of Interest Policy - Listed4 out of 4 points  
    Whistleblower Policy - Listed4 out of 4 points  
    Document Retention and Destruction - Listed4 out of 4 points  
    Documents Board Meeting Minutes - Yes2 out of 2 points  

    Website Disclosures

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    No Credit
    Tax Form Posted on Nonprofit's Website - Listed4 out of 4 points  

    Financial Metrics

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    Liabilities to Assets: Ratio - 21.69%15 out of 15 points  
    Program Expense: Ratio - 75.27%25 out of 25 points  

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