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Association on American Indian Affairs

Promoting the welfare of American Indians and Alaska Natives

SCORE: 80.56
LOCATION: Rockville, MD
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Social Services
CFC CODE: 12307  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 12307

three stars

National Police Defense Foundation

Providing medical and legal support services to the national law enforcement community

SCORE: 80.52
LOCATION: Morganville, NJ
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Multipurpose Human Service Organizations
CFC CODE: 52710  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 52710

three stars


For the love of a child

SCORE: 80.45
LOCATION: Scottsdale, AZ
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Children's and Family Services
CFC CODE: 11571  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11571

three stars