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The Albertsons Companies Foundation

Strengthening our neighborhoods. Changing lives.

LOCATION: Pleasanton, CA
CATEGORY: Community Development
CAUSE : Housing and Neighborhood Development (Grantmaking/Grants Payable)

American Diabetes Association

Connected For Life

LOCATION: Arlington, VA
CAUSE : Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines
CFC CODE: 11235  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11235

American Friends of Rabbinical College of Telzstone

To supports religious education institutes in the US and abroad

LOCATION: Lakewood, NJ
CATEGORY: Religion
CAUSE : Religious Activities (Grantmaking)

American Institute for Cancer Research

Changing lives to save lives

LOCATION: Arlington, VA
CAUSE : Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines
CFC CODE: 11420  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11420

Additional Beacons:


American Israel Education Foundation

Furthering understanding of the United States/Israel relations

LOCATION: Washington, DC
CATEGORY: Education
CAUSE : Scholarship and Financial Support

Answers in Genesis

Believing it. Defending it. Proclaiming it.

LOCATION: Petersburg, KY
CATEGORY: Religion
CAUSE : Religious Media and Broadcasting
CFC CODE: 10259  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10259

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Providing symphonic concerts, cultural and educational resources

LOCATION: Baltimore, MD
CATEGORY: Arts, Culture, Humanities
CAUSE : Performing Arts

Behring Global Educational Foundation

Uniting the world to help those in need.

LOCATION: Danville, CA
CATEGORY: International
CAUSE : Development and Relief Services
CFC CODE: 11612  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11612

Best Friends Animal Society

Save Them All®

CAUSE : Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services

Additional Beacons:


Boy Scouts of America, Circle Ten Council

Making our country better, one man at a time

CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Youth Development, Shelter, and Crisis Services

The Bulldog Club

Supporting the athletic program at Mississippi State University

LOCATION: Mississippi State University, MS
CATEGORY: Education
CAUSE : Scholarship and Financial Support


For the love of a child

LOCATION: Scottsdale, AZ
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Children's and Family Services
CFC CODE: 11571  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11571

Daughters of the American Revolution

Dedicated to patriotism, historic preservation, and education

LOCATION: Washington, DC
CATEGORY: Arts, Culture, Humanities
CAUSE : Libraries, Historical Societies and Landmark Preservation

Desert Botanical Garden

Advancing excellence in education, research, exhibition, and conservation of desert plants

CATEGORY: Environment
CAUSE : Botanical Gardens, Parks, and Nature Centers

Doheny Eye Institute

To further the conservation, improvement and restoration of human eyesight.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
CAUSE : Medical Research

Drug Policy Alliance

No More Drug War

CATEGORY: Research and Public Policy
CAUSE : Social and Public Policy Research

Dynamic Catholic Institute

Be bold. Be Catholic.

LOCATION: Garden Grove, CA
CATEGORY: Religion
CAUSE : Religious Activities


For a better life

LOCATION: Washington, DC
CATEGORY: International
CAUSE : Development and Relief Services
CFC CODE: 10091  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10091

English Language Institute/China

Providing teams to teach English as a foreign language

LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO
CATEGORY: International
CAUSE : International Peace, Security, and Affairs

Help the Children

Helping alleviate the suffering of children and their families

LOCATION: Montebello, CA
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Multipurpose Human Service Organizations
CFC CODE: 11084  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11084

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