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American Forest Foundation

We Grow Stewardship Every Day.

LOCATION: Washington, DC
CATEGORY: Environment
CAUSE : Environmental Protection and Conservation
CFC CODE: 12049  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 12049

Additional Beacons:


Aspen Music Festival and School

A celebration of arts, ideas, and the human spirit

CATEGORY: Arts, Culture, Humanities
CAUSE : Performing Arts
CFC CODE: 11066  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11066

Catholic Charities Fort Worth

Create. Eradicate. Transform.

LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Social Services
CFC CODE: 86598  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 86598

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Poverty for no one. Opportunity for everyone. It starts with you.

LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Social Services
CFC CODE: 72563  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 72563

Christian Appalachian Project

Building hope, transforming lives, and sharing Christ's love through service in Appalachia

LOCATION: Paintsville, KY
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Social Services (Grantmaking)
CFC CODE: 11102  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11102

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Discover. Care. Believe.

CAUSE : Medical Research
CFC CODE: 10080  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10080

Dumb Friends League

Compassion always

CAUSE : Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services
CFC CODE: 37125  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 37125

Jewish Foundation for Group Homes

Independence starts here

LOCATION: Rockville, MD
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Social Services
CFC CODE: 20340  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 20340

The Marine Mammal Center

We are guided and inspired by a shared vision of a healthy ocean for marine mammals and humans alike.

LOCATION: Sausalito, CA
CAUSE : Wildlife Conservation
CFC CODE: 10467  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10467

Additional Beacons:


Mote Marine Laboratory

Advancing the science of the sea since 1955

LOCATION: Sarasota, FL
CATEGORY: Research and Public Policy
CAUSE : Non-Medical Science & Technology Research
CFC CODE: 10425  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 10425

Additional Beacons:


National World War II Museum

Experience the Victory

LOCATION: New Orleans, LA
CATEGORY: Arts, Culture, Humanities
CAUSE : Museums
CFC CODE: 12249  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 12249

Peabody Essex Museum

Journey through a world of art and culture

CATEGORY: Arts, Culture, Humanities
CAUSE : Museums
CFC CODE: 11598  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 11598

SOME (So Others Might Eat)

Restoring hope and dignity one person at a time

LOCATION: Washington, DC
CATEGORY: Human Services
CAUSE : Homeless Services
CFC CODE: 74405  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 74405

Additional Beacons:



Washington's source for compelling television and inspiring classical music

LOCATION: Arlington, VA
CATEGORY: Arts, Culture, Humanities
CAUSE : Public Broadcasting and Media
CFC CODE: 99581  Combined Federal Campaign Code: 99581

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