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Disaster Giving: Joplin, MO Tornado

Disaster Giving: Joplin, MO Tornado Header Image

On Sunday, May 22, 2011 a tornado hit Joplin, Missouri. The twister, with winds of more than 190 mph, damaged or destroyed 2,000 buildings and killed over 100 people. According to records kept for the last 60 years, this is the deadliest single tornado to hit the U.S. And, sadly, authorities expect the death toll to rise.

The charities listed here are responding in different ways. Some are providing immediate shelter, some are providing food and water to the victims, and some charities will focus their efforts on rebuilding. Before you give, take the time to learn more about each charity's plans to ensure it is in line with the type of relief and recovery you wish to support. And if you want the charity to only spend your donation in Joplin, then you need to (1) find out if the charity is accepting designated gifts, (2) determine if it is promising to use all of that money only in Joplin and (3) find out what you need to do to designate your donation for this disaster (such as checking a box on a website donation or writing 'Joplin' on the memo line of a check).

For more tips on how to make an informed donation in the wake of a disaster, check out our Tips For Giving In Times of Crisis. Our Hot Topic on giving to Japan includes an expanded list of tips such as "think before you text," "do not send supplies," and "be careful of email solicitations from people claiming to be victims."

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