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President & CEO's Report for December 2011

December 1, 2011


As the holiday giving season comes into full swing we have also seen a marked increase in media attention. Our recent favorite that captures our tips for giving during the holiday season is now on our home page and was an interview I had with Smart Money (a Wall Street Journal publication). Another high quality recording was made at a recent conference where I was asked to discuss my hoped for future of the nonprofit sector. You can find the presentation here.

We are also delighted to see the increasing interest and support of our work that is coming from a number of places. To begin with, we have over 70 professors and students from four major universities so far (Indiana University, Syracuse University, Northern Illinois University and Binghampton University) that are planning to help us over the winter and spring to continue to research CN 3.0. We have received a generous grant from Craig Newmark to develop an API which will make it much easier for us to embed our information on any web site interested in sharing our information with their users. In addition, we recently formed a task force of volunteers who are helping us to continue our efforts to develop a cloud based application for volunteers to help us to rate many more charities (more on this in the months to come).

We are thrilled to once again announce the appointment of a new member to our Board of Trustees. Lisa Bernhard is a seasoned media and marketing professional. In addition, she is a member of the Board of the I’m too young for this! Cancer Foundation and the co-host of the Stupid Cancer Show. We are also pleased to welcome our newest employee – Associate Program Analyst, Molly Graepel (learn a bit about her here on our About Us Page). Please join us in welcoming them both to Charity Navigator!

Finally, I am pleased to report that we continue to observe the substantial impact that CN 2.0 is having and the discussions it is prompting within charities to improve their operations to be more transparent and accountable.

I hope you are have a wonderful holiday season!
Until next time, all the best,
Ken Berger

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