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Charity Navigator and Groupon Grassroots? What a Deal!!

December 5, 2012


What do you get when Charity Navigator and Groupon Grassroots join together to offer a great deal? Six new charity ratings to add to the 6,000 we already provide to help guide intelligent and fully informed giving for charitable givers/social investors everywhere.

In October, we were approached by Groupon Grassroots to join forces with them to offer a deal aimed at getting more charities rated. Their team was very interested in the concept of Guided Philanthropic Investment and wanted to help make a difference in this area, and are we glad they did! The deal was structured such that the first $1,000 raised (100 people donating $10 each) would result in one new charity rating, with each incremental $500 raised used to add an additional new rating. The response was amazing! Over $3,500 was raised, resulting in the 6 new charity ratings featured on this page.

Many thanks to our friends at Groupon Grassroots and to all who contributed their philanthropic dollars to this effort. We are most grateful for your generosity and your support of our work, as we strive to achieve our ambitious goals of getting to 10,000 charities rated in CN 3.0 (three dimensions of financial health, accountability/transparency and results reporting) by the end of 2016.

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