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CN 3.0 (And a Whole Lot More) Is Here!


June 2013

Dear Friends of Charity Navigator,

Thanks to the investment in our work by so many of you, we have accomplished many of our intermediate objectives on the way to achieving our long term goals—10,000 charities rated in 3 dimensions by the end of 2016 and adding feature-packed pages of information for all 1.6 million US registered nonprofits.

A major objective was attained in January of this year when CN 3.0 – which adds the third dimension of results reporting to our evaluation system — was launched on January 23rd.  Gathering and displaying data for the first cause area—children’s and family service—is well underway  Check out the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Results Reporting tab as a great example of what you’ll be seeing more and more of in the coming months.  Just as CN 2.0 produced amazing results in that close to 50% of rated charities have already made positive, proactive changes to their accountability and transparency policies and practices, we believe CN 3.0 will have an exponentially greater effect as charities get on board to focus their work to show evidence of their results. This will lead not only to more donations to these high performing organizations, but also a significant improvement in our communities and people’s lives.  We believe that is why Paul Brest, former president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Professor of Law Emeritus and former Dean of the Stanford Law School, has said that CN 3.0: “is the most important work being done in the nonprofit sector.”

On March 1st, we delivered on our commitment to add a profile page for all 1.6 million US-registered nonprofits!  This fulfills our promise to provide our users with access to information on our web site for every charity headquartered in America.  However, we have much more in store! We intend to make these 1.6 million pages of information on charities much more robust in the coming months. Currently, these pages provide basic information and links to all of an organization’s available IRS Form 990 filings.  Coming soon, you’ll also have access to many of the tools you already have available to you with rated charities, such as searching and sorting charities by cause area, saving charities to your “My Charities” list, and making a donation via the Charity Navigator web site.  AND, very shortly, you’ll be able to cast your vote to get your favorite charity(ies) rated (provided they meet CN rating criteria). In the event a charity does not meet our rating criteria or is not currently rated, you will also have access to updated guidance for how to review a charity’s performance yourself.

Last, but not least, we are well on our way to accomplishing our goal of getting to 7,000 rated charities by the end of 2013, having passed the 6,350 mark with the June 1st site update. 

Last April, I invited all of you to celebrate our 10th anniversary by making a gift to help us continue to make progress toward the vision as laid out in our Strategic and Business Plans.  I think we can all agree that we have accomplished all that we promised you then and much more!  It is thanks to our donors that we achieved these amazing results. 

We exist to serve YOU!  As one supporter recently wrote, “Charity Navigator has helped me direct my giving to the most deserving--NOT the most insistent!”.  Deserving is indeed the operative word-and is precisely why we are continuously improving our site and our tools to evaluate charities performance. Our goal is to maximize the analysis available to you so that your hard-earned philanthropic dollars and those of millions of your fellow charitable givers/social investors are used as effectively as possible to improve the world and transform lives.

Many thanks in advance for your support, which inspires and sustains us, as well as your commitment to enlightened and responsible philanthropy.

Best regards,





Ken Berger
President and CEO

P.S.  Another great way to help (and budget friendly, too!) is to choose to make monthly or quarterly donations to support our work.  That option is available when you make an online credit card or check donation through our payment gateway which you can access via the Support Us page on our website.  OR, if you prefer to donate by mail, let us know and we can set up a pledge with notifications for you.

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