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President & CEO's Report for August 2013

The Worst Charity in America, Congressional Testimony and Much More!

August 1, 2013


Another milestone has been achieved in our effort to integrate results reporting information into our evaluation of charities, we have completed analyzing and posting data on more than 200 charities in the first cause area we have reviewed - Children’s and Family Services. Our goal for this year is to analyze and post this information on 600 charities (followed by another 1,200 charities in the year 2014, 2,400 charities in 2015 and the remainder in 2016). Our next area for review will be the 300+ charities in the cause area of Youth Development, Shelter, and Crisis Services. We have 34 cause areas to review with the 9 categories of charities to get to our goal by 2016 and them rate them all on this this third dimension of our system (CN 3.0). Onward!

It has been about three months since I gave you a report on some of the other goings on here. To begin with, our co-founder - Pat Dugan - gave an extensive and exclusive interview with his alma mater - Wagner College. I encourage you to have a look at the fascinating story of his life up until the present and his many accomplishments, including Charity Navigator. Also, if you have not watched it yet, please take a look at the 13 minute video interview with Pat, where he tells the story of the founding of Charity Navigator and his vision for the future of it.

Another first for us was a request for me to provide testimony to a Congressional subcommittee regarding the largest employee workplace giving program in the US and possibly the world. Over $250 million is donated each year by US federal employees via the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This request to provide testimony followed my one year stint (see here and here) as a member of the CFC - 50 Commission (established to make recommendations to improve the CFC program). As you can see from my testimony and that of others, the planned actions by the CFC leadership fall short of our recommendations in a number of ways.

A couple of other events of note included a presentation about what charities are and are not doing to prove their effectiveness - at an annual conference at the New York University Wagner School of Public Services and, discussing social entrepreneurship - before the annual conference of Harvard Executive Business Society. Two articles were published, one is an interview with me by staff of the Markets for Good web site, and the other was an article a member of our Advisory Panel - Jeremy Kohomban and I had published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “The Nonprofitization of Business”. We also joined with Guidestar and the Better Business Bureau to write a letter “To the Donors of America” regarding what we all believe is the right way to think about overhead. I also wrote further on this topic specifically from the Charity Navigator standpoint. Lastly, there were, as always, a few tv appearances including one on Fox Business regarding what they called The Worst Charity in America, and a report on the NBC Today Show regarding the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Finally, I am delighted to introduce our newest staff member Larry Greenberg. Larry is joining our IT staff (that also includes Tim Gamory and Vince Bogucki) and has an impressive background in web design and development. Since we are planning to make major improvements to our web site over the coming years to better serve you, his expertise will be invaluable. Welcome Larry!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

All the best,

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