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How to use the Giving Basket

How to video

In this brief video, you will learn how to use the Giving Basket and donate in honor or in memory of a loved one (optional).

Read on for a detailed, written description of each step.

Step 1: Add charities to your Giving Basket

•   You can search for charities using the charity search box on Charity Navigator’s homepage. Simply type in the charity’s name, keywords, or EIN. Then click the ‘Search’ button.

homepage image screenshot

•   Once you are on the search results page, click on the charity's name that you wish to support.

donate to this charity button screenshot

•   Then, simply click on the green ‘Donate to this Charity’ button on the charity’s page.

Step 2: Add a donation to your Giving Basket

•   Select or enter the amount of your gift (minimum of $1).

•   Set the frequency of your gift (one-time, monthly)

•   Decide how much of your personal information you want to share with the charity (name, email, address, or nothing).

•   If you wish to donate in honor of someone special, enter their name and email address (so they’ll be notified of your donation)

•   Then, click the green ‘Add to Your Giving Basket’ button

donate to this charity button screenshot

Step 3: Check out or continue researching charities

•   After you have added a donation to your Giving Basket, you can either proceed to check out or continue researching other charities

website screenshot

Step 4: (Optional) Continue Researching Charities

•   If you continue researching charities, you can click the Giving Basket icon in the top right corner of the page whenever you are ready to review your donations and proceed to check out.

research screenshot

Step 5: Check Out

•   If you choose to check out, you will be brought to the Giving Basket check out page below.

•   Review the donations you have added to your Giving Basket and make any final edits.

•   Consider adding a donation to Charity Navigator to your Giving Basket. Why? Because Charity Navigator is a charity itself and we rely on donations from users of our site, like you, to ensure that we can continue to identify great charities like the one(s) you are supporting today.

•   Once you are satisfied with the donations in your Giving Basket, you can proceed to checkout by credit card, PayPal, or ACH/direct debit.

my giving basket screenshot

Step 6: Review and complete your transaction

•   Next you will review a summary of your transaction, and be provided with the opportunity to choose whether you would like to add or deduct the tax-deductible processing fee.

•   Once have entered your billing information, click the green ‘Donate’ button to complete the transaction.

•   Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email confirmation that also serves as your tax receipt from Give Lively, the organization that processes Giving Basket donations.

checkout page screenshot

Step 7: Confirmation Page

•   After your transaction is complete, you will see a confirmation page that summarizes your transaction, and lets you know what to expect next.


If you see the any error messages while trying to checkout, then please contact us at: givingbasket@charitynavigator.org for help.

Next, Donation History

•   So that you can keep a history of your donations, you’ll want to consider signing into the site or registering for a free membership. This benefit makes it easier for you to pull a record of your giving history at tax time or to confirm that you’ve supported your favorite charity this year. 

•   Next, find out how to view your donation history.

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