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Women's Rights

Highly-rated charities promoting health, education, rights, and social services for women and girls

Women's Rights Header Image
While women have made great strides in the fight for greater equality in the United States, there is still work to do to ensure women have equal opportunites for education, health, and personal development.
These charities focus their efforts on a variety of causes and issues which benefit women and girls, both locally or internationally. As highly-rated 3- and 4-star charities, they meet or exceed industry standards and perform as well as, or better than, most organizations in their cause areas.
You can give confidently to these organizations, knowing that you are giving to highly-rated charities with missions that are focused on assisting and empowering women, both at home and throughout the world.
Women's Education charities make learning possible for students of all ages. They also provide other educational services and opportunities that help make schools more effective and more accessible to women and girls of all backgrounds.

Women's Health charities cure diseases, treat and support our sick and disabled, seek improvements in medical treatments, and promote public understanding and awareness of particular health risks, diseases and disabilities.

Women's Social Services charities provide networks of direct services to people in need. They feed our hungry, strengthen our communities, shelter our homeless, care for our elderly, and nurture our young.

Women's Rights charities support the passage and enforcement of laws and other social measures designed to protect and promote reform. These organizations defend women'srights as well as engage and advance social action.

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