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Orlando Nightclub Shooting - How To Help

June 13, 2016

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Following the deadliest mass shooting in American history, many people want to make a charitable donation to support the victims. Before you give, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your money gets to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

  • Remember, a victim isn't going to know your personal email address to send you a direct appeal for help. This happens after every tragedy and sadly, some people, giving from their heart, don’t stop to think before they click on an email and give their personal financial information.
  • Think twice about donating to a victim on a crowdfunding site. While these sites provide instant gratification to donors who want to respond quickly, there is little to no vetting happening on these giving platforms, making them a very risky way to donate. The only exception is if you personally know the person behind the appeal for support. 
  • Be careful about giving to brand new charities that spring into existence. Even well-meaning new organizations will not have the infrastructure and knowledge of the region to efficiently maximize your gift. There is also a risk that the new group might in fact be a scam.
  • You may also want to consider other ways to help, such as donating blood, signing up to get trained as a disaster volunteer, volunteering your time, or donating to a charity in your local community. 
  • See our other Tips for Giving in Times of Crisis.

Once you are ready to give, consider supporting one of these charities:

  • Equality Florida Institute is raising money for the victims. The charity says that it is "working with a team of attorneys and experts, including the National Center for Victims of Crime, which deployed funds in both Chattanooga and Aurora, to ensure funds are distributed correctly."
  • A highly-rated LGBT related charity

Other fundraising efforts:

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