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Rating the Clinton Foundation


Historically, how has Charity Navigator rated the Clinton Foundation?

For each charity, our rating system evaluates numerous financial and accounting metrics, including a comparison of how these metrics change from one year to the next.  In 2010, the Clinton Foundation merged with various affiliates, including the Clinton Health Access Initiative. This merger made it difficult to compare financial information of the combined entities with financial information from the Clinton Foundation before the merger. Due to this, Charity Navigator provided a consolidated rating of the Clinton Foundation and its affiliates beginning in 2016. With recent changes to the structure of the organization, we have de-consolidated the rating beginning in 2019. The details regarding this can be seen in the questions and answers that follow.

Why is Charity Navigator now choosing to de-consolidate the rating of the Clinton Foundation?

As stated above, Charity Navigator has been rating the Clinton Foundation on a consolidated basis for the past three years. In 2017, the Clinton Foundation discontinued its affiliation with the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Instead, both organizations will now be operating as separate entities. Due to this change, Charity Navigator’s rating of the Clinton Foundation (EIN# 31-1580204) will no longer include financial information from the Clinton Health Access Initiative (EIN# 27-1414646). All other major affiliates have since been integrated as initiatives of the Clinton Foundation. Our rating will now only include data from the one IRS Form 990, which the Foundation files with the IRS.

What does a rating by Charity Navigator mean?

Charity Navigator rates charities by evaluating their financial health and their accountability and transparency. That is, our ratings seek to show donors how efficiently a charity has used previous donations, how well the charity has sustained its programs and services over time, and the charity’s level of commitment to being accountable and transparent about its operations. Charity Navigator does not evaluate a charity’s mission (for example, whether the charity supports certain types of medical research or types of humanitarian causes) and it does not evaluate a charity’s donors (for example, whether the charity receives its donations from specific individuals or institutions). 

How does the de-consolidation of the Clinton Health Access Initiative affect the Foundation and Charity Navigator’s rating?

The Clinton Foundation’s rating will now be completed using only their individual Form 990. This means that future ratings will no longer include the financial data of the Clinton Health Access Initiative.In addition, the Clinton Health Access Initiative does not currently meet Charity Navigator’s rating criteria, as we require at least 1% of an organization’s expenses to be allocated to fundraising for three consecutive years, and we do not rate organizations that do not actively solicit support from the public. As such, the Clinton Health Access Initiative will be displayed as a standalone page without a rating.

What happened to the Clinton Foundations previous ratings? 

The financial data of consolidated organizations varies significantly from the data of a single organization and so the rating page will not include the previous rating history which was based on the consolidated entity.

Where can I see The Clinton Foundation’s rating?

You can view the rating here.

Are there other charities that are rated based on pro forma consolidated Form 990 data?

Yes, our staff regularly analyzes pro forma Form 990 data, particularly in situations where a charity has merged or consolidated with another charity. All pro forma Form 990 data is provided by the charity at our request. Currently we rate 60 charities based on such pro forma Form 990 data, including charities such as the Carter Center, American Cancer Society, USO, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Does Charity Navigator have a relationship with the Clinton Foundation?

Charity Navigator has no relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

In 2012, Charity Navigator attended the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual event in New York City, along with many other charitable organizations. This event, as well as a commitment by Charity Navigator to increase its charitable activities that is listed on the CGI website, offered Charity Navigator the opportunity to promote its existing independent efforts and initiatives, but these efforts were not funded or aided by CGI.

Does Charity Navigator receive any compensation from the charities it rates?

Charity Navigator accepts no funding from the charities that we evaluate. Furthermore, in our commitment to help America's philanthropists of all levels make informed giving/social investment decisions, we refuse to charge our users for our trusted evaluations.

How can I get my charity rated? 

First, find the charity’s page on our site (even if we don’t rate a charity we still have a page of basic information about it on our site). If the charity is potentially eligible to be rated, then you can click on the ‘vote now’ button.

How does Charity Navigator rate charities?

A detailed explanation of our rating system is accessible in the methodologysection of our site.


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