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The Hottest Hot Topic: Global Warming

July 1, 2006


Although some charities have been working to address global warming and climate change for many years, it wasn't until recently that global warming became a mainstream topic in the average American’s consciousness. In case you've somehow missed all the media coverage, global warming is the phrase coined to explain the increase in the Earth's temperature caused by the rise in greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), which trap the sun's heat. Humans are believed to be at fault for the rise in CO2 as it is a byproduct of burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

Global warming has been blamed by some for a multitude of ecological, societal and economic problems. As regions become warmer and drier (or conversely wetter), farmers are reporting crop failures. Likewise, animals are struggling to adapt to changes in their habitat brought on by the warming. Heat waves have killed thousands of people. Scientists report the loss of ice in the Polar Regions and warn that low lying coastal areas are likely to be consumed by rising sea levels. Hurricane experts fret over rising sea temperatures - the driving force in producing more powerful storms. And beyond the dire predictions of draught and famine, global warming is even accused of making poison ivy more potent and prevalent.

To the right, we offer a list of some highly-rated charities tackling the issues surrounding global warming. This list is a good place to start, whether you just want to learn more about climate change or whether you want to support the work of charities that strive to discover clean and sustainable energy sources, those that aim to curb deforestation, those that struggle to change policy, or those that protect animals endangered by climate change.

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