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Immigration and Refugees

These highly-rated charities are leading the conversations on immigration, refugees, and global migration.

Immigration and Refugees Header Image
Built and shaped by immigrants and refugees alike, the United States is a nation to admire. Experiences and cultures, memories passed down by our ancestors meld to become our collective consciousness. Wherever tragedy strikes individuals and families rally to speak on behalf of the voiceless, telling stories that deserve to be told, taking action to relieve the pain. 
There are highly-rated organizations that provide services and resources to individuals and families seeking a better outcome in the United States than what they experienced in their home countries. Fortunately, there are organizations advocating for and supporting these communities. Groups that help immigrants build and settle into a different life, ultimately one that many hope will be better.
Current events highlight the need for a larger conversation about families fleeing their homes, communities, and countries in the wake of famine, social unrest, persecution, war, and environmental disasters. Highly-rated charities advocate for and provide relief to refugees, internally displaced persons, and stateless groups around the world. They seek to provide for individuals basic needs like food, water, and shelter while advocating for policies and legislation that will address the root causes of this crisis.
The highly-rated charities included in this list are leading the conversations on immigration, refugees, and global migration. And, their 3- and 4-star ratings speak to their commitment to upholding the highest standards for financial health and accountability and transparency. Take action on the issues that are important to you, do your part to help those less fortunate, give confidently to one of these outstanding organizations today.

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