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Bill O'Reilly says: Check Charity Navigator for Reputable Charities

  • Charity Navigator selected as Best Charity Review Site in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine’s “The Best List 2011.” 
  • "I depend on your diligence for accountability on keeping an honest evaluation of the different organizations. I truly believe in sharing treasure and I want it to go as far as possible for programs that truly aid those in distress throughout the world. It is now my first act to check with Charity Navigator when receiving an appeal. Your work helps me live a better life and allows me to share without a nagging second thought about whether my donation goes to those in need."
    - Charity Navigator Donor
  • "I want to thank you [Charity Navigator] for publishing your Guide to Workplace Giving. I work in a state agency, and we are about to start our annual State Employees Federated Appeal campaign for workplace donations. I'm the coordinator for our division and have been using Charity Navigator information myself and referring others to it for the past several years, but I think that having access to the Guide will be great for the campaign this year. Thanks again."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "Donors have told us outright that the Charity Navigator ranking has helped them decide to whom to donate. The economy has made donors uncertain; this ranking is a touchstone for them."
    -Richard R. Buery, Jr., President & CEO, Children's Aid Society
  • "A new donor who called in December who was interested in becoming a monthly donor said that he chose Children’s Aid because of our ranking on Charity Navigator. Another loved our services but needed the Charity Navigator’s reassurance. We hear this a lot."
    - Patricia M. Grayson, Assistant Executive Director of Development, Children's Aid Society
  • "I just received a very nice thank you for a small donation I made to [Charity Navigator]. How classy! I donate to 50 plus charities annually and couldn't do it without your help. Thank you!"
    - Charity Navigator Donor
  • "[Charity Navigator] is the Michelin guide to aid organizations."
    - J. Jacobs, O, The Oprah Magazine
  • "Please find the enclosed donation to your very worthwhile service. As Controller for Salco Products, Inc., I have found it invaluable in assessing where to direct our corporate donations. Since finding your site, I have discontinued donations to at least half of the charities we had historically supported and happily replaced them with those doing a much better job at getting the most bang from the buck." -
    David Clauter, Controller, Salco Products, Inc.
  • "We are thrilled to have received the coveted 4-star rating from Charity Navigator ---and especially to have made it six times in a row. The 4-star rating is a motivator to us to keep building capacity which translates into providing more service to the people we help. Our growth this past fiscal year has been phenomenal due in part to the large increase in the numbers of people needing food assistance. Having the 4-star rating proved to be even more valuable during this time frame as we needed to raise more resources in order to deliver larger amounts or food."
    -H. Dennis Smith, CEO & Executive Director, Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • "I send along the appreciation of everyone at Vitamin Angels for your recognition once again in awarding Vitamin Angels the distinguished Charity Navigator 4 Star rating. We hold this rating in high regard. To help get the word out on Vitamin Angels, the Charity Navigator 4 Star rating has been an incredible asset. On behalf of the children we serve, we thank you."
    - Howard B. Schiffer, Founder and President, Vitamin Angels
  • "I find Charity Navigator to be such a fabulous reference, both in writing the column and in my own personal giving, and am thrilled to be able to share it with our readers."
    - Sandy Stonesifer, Columnist, Slate
  • "Charity Navigator has been a big help to me. We are retired now, but before we retired we gave to many charities. Now we have to be a little bit more picky about who we donate to and as a result I am constantly check with your web site. It really is a wonderful thing you are doing."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • An examination of the 990 forms and Charity Navigator ratings of 405 charities for three-year periods between 2002 and 2006 found a 'very robust' association between a change in rating and donor behavior the following year. Thirty-one percent of organizations had no change in rating. For those that had a one-star change in rating, they experienced an average of a 39 percent change in donations correlated either up or down.
    - Daniel Neely, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • "I wanted to thank you for all your help while we were looking for an organization to which to make our holiday donation. I also wanted to let you know that we also decided to make a donation to Charity Navigator, in recognition of the fact that without your site, it would have been almost impossible for us to do the type of due diligence research we did about each charity. We ended up selecting a completely different non-profit than we’d originally set out to donate to, and we found and researched that organization through your site."
    - Rebecca Steinberg Herson, Vice President, Marketing, Commtouch
  • "I realize these charities typically have their own bills to pay, but I want to know most or all of what I'm giving will go to the people they were created to help. That kind of information is listed for many charities at www.charitynavigator.org."
    - Mike Wilder, Reporter, The Times-News
  • Charity Navigator is one of "The Best Services to Make Life Easier."
    - Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine's Best of Everything 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • "When an outside organization like [Charity Navigator] rates you, it gives the individual donor a reliable source from which to make a judgment about us."
    - H. Dennis Smith, Executive Director, Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • "I know it sounds cynical, but the first thing I want to know when I'm asked to donate money is, 'How much of my contribution will actually reach those it's intended for?' It's sad, but with all the corruption in the world today, we can't just assume that our hard earned dollars will get to the people most in need. Charity Navigator sets my mind at ease. With their incredible website, I can give knowing the money I've pledged is actually helping." -
    Dee Snider, Lead Singer, Twisted Sister
  • "Considering the state of the economy, it is imperative for individuals who want to spend their hard earned dollars to make the most informed choices they can. Thanks to Charity Navigator, those choices have never been easier and one can feel better that the money they are donating goes to the most legitimate and neediest of charities." -
    Jay Jay French, Lead Guitarist, Twisted Sister
  • "One of the best donor-assistance resources is Charity Navigator which evaluates the financial health of more than 5,300 of America’s largest charities."
    -The News Tribune
  • "Our staff works very hard to make sure our efforts on behalf of our funders and clients are put to the best possible use. We take a great deal of pride in our 4 star designation from Charity Navigator."
    - Susan Holden-Dodge, Executive Director, Barnabas Center
  • "We love your website and it's wealth of information. I think our viewers are going to indeed be outraged when we expose three area groups who not only use professional fundraisers, but even when asked do not disclose how much money really goes to their 'great cause'."
    Kelly Just, Investigative Producer, KSL-TV
  • "Summaries offered by Charity Navigator for thousands of organizations are the best I've found. You'll find a concise mission statement, efficiency measures, scope and size, revenue and expenses, and management information in a clear and easy-to-use format. I especially like the section giving comparative performance of similar charities. There are tools to help find and pick charities, and the site gives its own "star" rating system on key categories."
    -Jennifer Openshaw, MarketWatch
  • Charity Navigator is inducted in BusinessWeek's 2007 Philanthropy Hall of Fame as one of the "...standout individuals and campaigns that revolutionized the process of giving through their unique contributions and personal commitments to important causes. ...these are individuals, organizations, and campaigns that have changed the way we engage in philanthropy."
    - BusinessWeek
  • "Charity Navigator is bringing new transparency to an otherwise opaque industry. I enjoy Charity Navigator and its ease of use. Charity Navigator makes me an 'authority' on non-profits."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "When I read the list of newly rated charities I recognized several from which I receive repeated phone calls asking for donations. Your listings add to my ability to resist the tearful pleas for disabled deputy sheriffs or whatever. The 0-star charities are the ones inundating phones and mail boxes with their solicitations. You are doing private donors a very great service by listing them warts and all."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "Charity Navigator is the gold standard for philanthropists who carefully research the organizations they plan to support as well as for individual donors who want to know that the highest amount of their donation dollar goes directly to University programs and initiatives."
    -Amos Drory, Executive Vice President, American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • "Your site is extremely well organized, lists lots of FAQs, top ten lists, something about every charity I have ever heard of and then some! In a time of millions of web sites, of which many are hard to navigate through and generally poorly set up, your site is outstanding. At this time of year every charity is making their year-end appeals and it is a pleasure to have one place to go for UNBIASED info on virtually all the major charities. Keep up the excellent work!"
    - Charity Navigator User
  • Charity Navigator named one of the Chicago Sun-Times 'favorite places on the Net." -
    - Dan Miller, Business Editor, Chicago Sun-Times
  • "I want to express my gratitude for the 4 star rating which Charity Navigator bestowed on ICM. This award substantiates the manner in which ICM has strived to operate since its inception."
    - Dois I. Rosser, Jr., Founder and Chair Emeritus, International Cooperating Ministries
  • "It's great to have nonbiased and carefully researched data for salaries. The discussion came up this week in local executive director’s group and I shared [Charity Navigator's CEO Compensation Study] with them. Thanks for being a great resource for donors and charities!"
    - Sharon Harmon, Executive Director, Oregon Humane Society
  • The "site is jam-packed with information, is well designed and easy to navigate. Keep it in your bookmarks."
    - BillingsGazette
  • "Before you open your wallet, check out Charity Navigator, a nonprofit organization that evaluates and rates charities for you. Searching on the site is simple, and the top-ten lists...are a great feature."
    - PC Magazine
  • Charity Navigator selected as 'Best of the Web' in part because "peer group comparisons let you compare similar charities across a host of measures."
    - Forbes Magazine
  • "Charity Navigator is one of the 50 Coolest Websites in 2006."
    - TIME Magazine
  • Charity Navigator is "a leading charity evaluator and donor advocacy group... I should reemphasize [Charity Navigator] is an advocacy group for donors."
    - Michelle Singletary, Personal Finance Reporter, The Washington Post
  • "I saw your site referred to in a Wall Street Journal article and wanted to let you know I think it is tremendous. I have been looking for something like this for so long - so I can give not just based on sentiment or good marketing, but based on empirical performance benchmarks. It is so incredibly empowering and useful."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "We recently received an email from a couple who found American Bird Conservancy while researching the Charity Navigator website. Based on the information provided by Charity Navigator, they decided to include ABC in their estate planning."
    - George H. Fenwick, President, American Bird Conservancy
  • "[Charity Navigator] lends credibility to what we do. It’s independent, outside, and they’ve given us a very flattering endorsement. This award can generate first-time donors and at the same time reassure regular donors about their contributions."-
    - Susan Schwartz, Director of Marketing and Communication, Cleveland Institute of Music
  • "Today I had a phone call from a charity asking if they could count on me for support. Thanks to your service, I could quickly see that very little of my donation would actually go to help cancer victims. Honestly, my first suspicion with the organization was how annoyed the woman was at explaining the actual name of the organization!"
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "[Charity Navigator] is a terrific service --- similar to Moodys and Dun & Bradstreet in the corporate world."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "To obtain information that will evaluate the charities that might be soliciting during this holiday season, there are several valuable websites . . . and, the best of the bunch is Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator."-
    - KTLA-TV
  • "Visiting Charity Navigator" is one of 41 ways to improve the world -
    - Esquire
  • "Your service is very timely and saves us a great deal of time in obtaining information and comparing charities. In the course of preparing our donations this year, we are using the information from your website to add new charities to our list, to delete some that we had given to previously, and to re-work our standards for determining whether to donate at the upper or lower end of our range."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "In an effort to do something concrete to help with the dire water situation that many Africans face, I decided to support the construction of a new well in Africa. After checking out Charity Navigator's rating for Africare I decided to work with this charity. Instead of just paying for a single well myself, I've been approaching family and friends for additional donations. To do my solicitations I assembled a folder that included a printout of Charity Navigator's Africare evaluation. My friends and family all looked carefully at the financial pie chart and I explained the four star rating. So far, I have raised nearly $4,500 (including my match) and Africare is setting up a special water project in Angola to use our money. Together, my family and friends will help to improve the lives of at least 1,000 people. Thank you for helping me to make it happen!"
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "Well organized, well executed, extremely helpful and easy to understand. Inclusion of the Peer Analysis on each charity's page is fantastic! The easy view of the CEO's compensation in relation to other expenses is quite enlightening. Your explanation of the criteria you use to rate the charities is super. After reading your analysis, logic should override emotion when making a donation decision."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "Charity Navigator helps regular folks make informed decisions on where to donate."
    - Times Herald-Record
  • "I commend Charity Navigator's efforts to provide a wealth of information to the private donor community. The web site is professionally compelling, providing information that is arranged intelligently to the like of 'Morningstar,' the foremost authority in mutual fund ratings."
    - Charity Navigator User
  • "The information provided on Charity Navigator's website is a valuable resource for citizens concerned about making wise giving decisions."
    - The Honorable Mark Hammond, South Carolina Secretary of State
  • "We have found the financial analysis of Charity Navigator so compelling that we have begun discussing utilizing these rating assessments as part of our financial planning."
    - Duane Silverstein, Executive Director, Seacology
  • "Consider it [Charity Navigator] the Consumer Reports of the nonprofit world."
    - PCWorld.com
  • "I am a supporter of Charity Navigator. They provide another set of eyes, and a smart pair at that, on the activities of charities here in Massachusetts."
    - Jamie Katz, Assistant Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • "Charity Navigator has helped convert my skepticism about charity efficiency and honesty and will enable me to become a more generous giver in the future. This is a very well-organized site and is much needed in these times of increasing scams and misplaced intentions. Thanks for what you do."
    - Charity Navigator User
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