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July: National Anti-Boredom Month

July: National Anti-Boredom Month Header Image
Kids across the country anticipate the end of the school year for weeks before it arrives. To them, summer break promises endless opportunities to play and enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends, and bask in homework-free glory. But, as most parents know, that bright-eyed excitement wears off quickly, and the whiny cry, “I’m bored,” begins to replace it.
Lucky for parents, July is National Anti-Boredom Month, and there are a number of highly-rated charities with programs to help kids satisfy their curiosity and creativity throughout those long mid-summer weeks. The organizations included in this list offer resources to keep children of all ages engaged academically, as well as ideas to help students make the most of their summer by developing a new skill or getting involved in a local project.
Take a few moments to learn more about these organizations and the programs they have for students and families. And, consider supporting one of today to help kids everywhere stave off boredom and learn something new.

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