Hurricane Maria: One Year Later

Charity Navigator's Report on Work Done, Items Needed, and Impact Measured

Sara Nason

September 10, 2018

Hurricane Maria: One Year Later Header Image

Charity Navigator is the nation's largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities. With data on over 1.8 million US-based nonprofits and ratings for close to 10,000, Charity Navigator guides over 11 million individuals across the country to make informed giving decisions. Especially in times of crisis, donors use Charity Navigator to discover efficient charities worth supporting. A year after Charity Navigator published the Hurricane Maria 'Hot Topic' featuring twenty-seven 3- and 4-star rated organizations, this study has been put together with help from 15 of the organizations from the list and five other nonprofits to provide an update on the work done, the work continuing to be done, and the current needs of communities affected. Of these 20, nineteen represent national or international nonprofits, and one represents a local nonprofit.

Additionally, these organizations display a wide spread of mission through the diversity of their cause areas. 6 are Development & Relief Services; 7 are Humanitarian Relief Supplies; 4 are Multipurpose Human Service Organizations; and there is 1 of each of the following: Youth Education Programs & Services, United Ways, Housing & Neighborhood Development. Each organization participating in this study answered over forty in-depth questions prepared by Charity Navigator about specific intricacies of the charity's work in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The figures on the following pages are aggregated results reported by the 20 nonprofits.