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President Obama Praises Americans' Generosity

Millions Receive Charity Navigator's List of Highly-Rated Relief Organizations from His Twitter Account

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GLEN ROCK, N.J. (Oct. 12, 2018) — Former President Barack Obama urges Americans to give in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael by sharing the link to the relief organizations vetted by Charity Navigator for Michael. This list of twenty-five highly rated charities includes Feeding the Gulf Coast, SBP, and Americares. 
Obama stated, “America is always at our best when we look out for each other. Please do what you can to help people recover and rebuild from Hurricane Michael.”
Charity Navigator analysts work throughout the year to research and rate thousands of nonprofit organizations and share the evaluations free of charge on CharityNavigator.org. Lists of highly rated organizations are curated by Charity Navigator and published in response to crises as Hot Topics. Charity Navigator users direct millions of dollars of donations to organizations included on these lists which all must have a three- or four-star rating.
Charity Navigator, www.CharityNavigator.org, is the world’s largest and most-utilized independent charity evaluator. The organization guides informed giving by evaluating the Financial Health, Accountability and Transparency of charities and by providing data about 1.8 million nonprofits relied upon by over 11 million people every year. Charity Navigator does not charge the organizations it evaluates, ensuring unbiased evaluations, nor does it charge the public for this trusted data. As a result, Charity Navigator, a 501(c)(3) public charity itself, depends on support from individuals, corporations and foundations that believe it provides a much-needed service to America's charitable givers.
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