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Scholarship & Tuition Assistance Charities

Organizations Expanding Access to Education through Scholarships and Financial Assistance

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Nearly two-thirds of jobs in the United States require at least some college education, if not a full or advanced degree. Last year, however, Forbes reported that the cost of college is increasing nearly eight times faster than wages, and student loans now account for a greater percentage of non-housing debt than credit cards and auto loans. What are today’s students to do?
As we enter another election cycle, candidates on both sides are discussing the issue of the rising cost of an education. They’re proposing and debating a number of ideas to help students earn their degrees, while protecting them from insurmountable debt that will have a lasting effect on our economy. 
While we wait for the outcomes of these discussions, today’s students are facing difficult decisions about their futures, including whether or not college is an affordable expense. Fortunately, there are a number of highly-rated organizations committed to helping students from all walks of life get a degree that will help them build brighter futures for themselves, their families, their communities, our country, and our world. 
It’s easy to think of someone else’s education expenses as “their” issue, but access to education should be an issue we all stand behind because it has a personal, social, and economic impact on all of us. Consider supporting one of these highly-rated organizations providing scholarships and tuition assistance to students in need today. These organizations have long histories of helping students from various backgrounds get to college and complete their degrees. If you’re a student in need of assistance, you can use this list, as well as Charity Navigator’s Advanced Search Tool, to find an organization providing the right scholarship opportunities for you.

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