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Charity Navigator Publishes Constituent Voice Information

December 3, 2019

Charity Navigator, in a partnership with Candid, added Constituent Voice information to more than 600 charity rating profiles. While this information does not affect a charities star rating, it does offer valuable insight into how charities are creating feedback loops with the people they serve, promoting innovation and better service delivery.
Listening and responding to feedback, when done right, can be a strong force for increasing equity in the world and getting better results for people. Constituent Voice is based on The Core Principles of Constituent Feedback, which describe what it means to listen and respond to feedback well. The act of collecting this data from nonprofits encourages each organization to reflect on their feedback practices and take advantage of resources to improve how they listen and respond. It is a starting point to foster effective, equitable, and safe feedback practices.
The Constituent Voice initiative was developed in collaboration with feedback experts and leading nonprofit infrastructure platforms, including Charity Navigator, Candid, GlobalGiving, Keystone Accountability, 60 Decibels, Bridges Fund Management, Development Gateway, Listen4Good/Fund for Shared Insight, Outsell Inc, Jessie Ball duPont Fund, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. These collaborators were supported by Feedback Labs in this endeavor.
Similar to the partner-collected performance data that Charity Navigator has been showcasing on rating profile pages since 2017, this new Constituent Voice data is intended to give donors more information about charities’ work and practices, and context for how their support will be used. Donors may find it beneficial in determining how an organization is listening to the population it serves to iterate and be more impactful.

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