Donations as Holiday Gifts

Donations as Holiday Gifts Header Image
Still searching for the perfect gift for that special someone? Look no further!
We’ve identified several highly-rated relief charities that offer you the opportunity to make a donation that signifies a tangible item.  For example, you can make a donation that roughly equates to providing a farm animal to a family, providing them sustenance all year long. Or, you can give the gift of medical exams and care for children in developing countries. Check out these organizations’ gift catalogs on their websites for a complete list of offerings.
You can support these organizations and thousands more through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket. This tool empowers you to donate to multiple charities in one convenient checkout. When you add a donation to the Giving Basket, you have the option of making a gift in honor of a loved one - when you select this, your friend or family member will be notified that you supported a cause that aligns with their passions for the holidays.
Between these charities and Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket, you’ll find something for everyone on your list and give gifts that bring smiles and warm hearts this holiday season and throughout the year.