Eruption of Mt. Taal in the Philippines

Eruption of Mt. Taal in the Philippines Header Image
The Taal Volcano, located just 45 miles from the Philippine capital city of Manila, has been trembling and erupting since Sunday, January 12. Experts report that magma levels are quickly rising and the volcano is on the verge of a full eruption.
Tens of thousands of villagers have been evacuated, leaving their homes and infrastructure threated by the Taal volcano. Ash covers the ground in the surrounding areas and there has been a series of volcanic earthquakes.
While it's still uncertain the full effect the volcano will have on the Philippines, several highly-rated charities are responding, raising funds to help with the relief and recovery of the people impacted. Charity Navigator will continue to monitor the situation and will add charities to this list as we learn of other organizations' efforts to provide support.

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