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Beirut Explosion

HIghly-rated charities providing relief and recovery efforts in Beirut, Lebanon

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On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, several small blasts followed by a catastrophic explosion occurred in the port area of the Lebanese capital of Beirut.  According to news reports, 2,750 tonnes of the highly explosive fertilizer, ammonium nitrate, improperly stored in a hangar was the cause.  Immediately, local and international aid organizations began mobilizing.

As of the writing of this Hot Topic, more than 100 people have been killed, and over 5,000 have been injured.  Food, water and shelter are desperately needed.  In addition to Lebanese nationals, foreign nationals are reported to be among the injured.  In a sign of an incredible act of humanity and solidarity, the hashtag #OurHomesAreHome began circulating in Arabic and English on social media with ordinary citizens opening their homes to the approximately 300,000 left homeless.

To our donors and nonprofits, we are in the process of sourcing relief organizations that may be providing assistance in Beirut.  We hope to greatly expand our list of nonprofits presented here.

To nonprofits, if you are a 3- or 4-Star rated charity providing relief support in Beirut; please complete the survey linked here for your organization to be reviewed for this list. 

Designated donations made from this page will be applied to charity programs per each charity's designation policies.

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