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Tropical Storm Marco and Hurricane Laura

Highly-rated nonprofits providing relief and recovery to communities impacted by Tropical Storm Marco and Hurricane Laura

Tropical Storm Marco and Hurricane Laura Header Image
Update: Two days after Tropical Storm Marco made landfall in Mississippi, on August 26, Tropical Storm Laura became a Category 4 Major Hurricane. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), in the very early morning hours of August 27, Hurricane Laura made landfall on the Gulf Coast near Cameron, Louisiana.  Laura is expected to move through Louisiana and into parts of Arkansas. Residents were urged to evacuate from the coastal areas along the Texas and Louisiana coasts, as the NWS warned of a life-threatening and “unsurvivable” 15 - 20-foot storm surge, up to 150 mph winds, torrential rain, flooding, and tornadoes.

A rare weather occurrence of two tropical storms making landfall in almost the same area is expected to take place within days of each along the Gulf Coast states of Texas and Louisiana.  This unprecedented meteorological event prompted Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to issue a mandatory evacuation order on August 23 for high-risk coastal cities.  With back-to-back storms, there will be little time for rescuers and other services to reach victims in between.
The highly-rated organizations included on this page have been vetted by Charity Navigator analysts as providing relief and support to those affected with dedicated funds. Charity Navigator will continuously update this resource as other nonprofits providing direct relief are identified and vetted by our analyst team.
To nonprofits, if you are a 3- or 4-Star rated charity providing essential services or financial support to the states affected due to Tropical Storms Laura and Marco, please complete the survey linked here for your organization to be reviewed for this list.

Designated donations made from this page will be applied to charity programs per each charity's designation policies.

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