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Expert Groups

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Vector of experts innovating at Charity Navigator


Charity Navigator's Expert Groups explore new ideas, drive innovation, and foster collaboration. Expert Groups are composed of industry leaders, board members, and staff. Each Expert Group focuses on a priority area at Charity Navigator and advises on how to best reach organizational goals.

Below is a listing of the current Charity Navigator Expert Groups with respective membership

Nonprofit Ratings Expert Group

  • Laura Andes
  • Dorothy Crenshaw
  • Esther Dyson
  • Sarah Gelfand
  • Matt Giegerich
  • Ayelet Gneezy
  • Dean Karlan
  • Hope Lyons
  • Shannon McCracken
  • Kevin Scally
  • Michael Thatcher
  • Michael M. Weinstein

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Organizational Health Expert Group

  • Julia Bieniek
  • Nancy Duncan
  • Esther Dyson
  • Rabia de Lande Long
  • Rhoden Monrose
  • Iara Peng
  • Nancy Sadek
  • Pratichi Shah
  • Bilal Taylor
  • Michael Thatcher
  • Marie Wieck

Product and Strategy Expert Group

  • Michael Dix
  • Kern Schireson
  • Beth Smith
  • Michael Thatcher
  • Kevin Scally

Donor Expert Group

  • Jill Black
  • Grace Dowd
  • Kyle Gardner
  • Geoff George
  • Amanda Long
  • Hope Lyons
  • Brian Patterson
  • Valerie Pimenta
  • Kevin Scally
  • Tasha Sharp

Membership to Expert Groups is currently by invitation only.

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