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The urgency behind many current environmental issues – like climate change, deforestation, and pollution to name a few – has inspired action worldwide. Beyond taking individual actions (like reducing your carbon footprint, for example), an effective way to work towards a more sustainable future is to support nonprofits that are actively seeking to solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems.
The following charities focus their efforts on a variety of environmental issues, from protecting earth’s resources to advocating for stronger policies and direct action. As highly rated 3- and 4-star charities, they meet or exceed industry standards and perform as well as, or better than, most organizations in their cause areas. Consider making a donation to one of these organizations today!
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An explanation of the categories:
Environmental Advocacy charities work on addressing a variety of current environmental issues, and subsequently advocate for change through law and policy, research, and/or direct action.
Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Conservation charities work to protect and to conserve the earth’s land, water, and other natural resources. They also advocate for strong stewardship practices.
Environmental Health and Justice charities focus on environmental health disparities, toxins, and ensuring that all people have access to a healthy environment. They pinpoint environmental conditions that impact our well-being.
Environmental Education charities educate the public across age groups. They help individuals to understand environmental issues and to engage in future problem solving and action.
Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Conservation
Environmental Advocacy
Environmental Health and Justice
Environmental Education