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Gun Violence Prevention and Victim Support

Highly rated nonprofits focused on ending gun violence, promoting mental health, and supporting victims

Gun Violence Prevention and Victim Support Header Image
In the wake of several mass shootings, Americans are searching for ways to prevent gun violence from occurring in the future. Regardless of one's position on gun control and the Second Amendment, all can agree that the senseless killing of the innocent needs to end.
Our analysts have taken a non-partisan approach to identify highly rated (3 and 4-star) charities committed to ending gun violence, promoting mental health, and supporting victims. Learn more about each organization by clicking its name and consider supporting organizations that align with your values by donating via the Charity Navigator Giving Basket.
Please note: Many organizations working to make changes to laws and policies are registered as 501(c)(4) nonprofits, which are tax-exempt as social welfare organizations that can advocate for causes and propositions. Charity Navigator only rates 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, including public charities and private foundations. As such, there may be other organizations you’re familiar with that aren’t included in this Hot Topic. To search for other nonprofits not listed on this page, use our Advanced Search.
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