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Health charities cure diseases, treat and support our sick and disabled, seek improvements in medical treatments, and promote public understanding and awareness of particular health risks, diseases and disabilities. We classify Health charities into four Causes:

Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines (309)
Charities in Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines are multipurpose organizations that seek cures for particular diseases and disorders or promote particular medical disciplines by providing direct services, advocating for public understanding and support, and supporting targeted medical research.
Patient and Family Support Patient and Family Support (276)
Patient and Family Support organizations offer wish granting programs, camping programs, housing or travel assistance and other services for family members and patients that are diagnosed with a serious illness.
Treatment and Prevention Services Treatment and Prevention Services (199)
Treatment and Prevention Services charities are devoted to providing direct medical services and educating the public on ways to prevent diseases and reduce health risks.
Medical Research Medical Research (149)
Medical Research organizations focus the bulk of their efforts on researching causes and cures of disease and developing new treatments.

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