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Charity Name Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties, Florida Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Habitat for Humanity of Summit County
Location North Fort Myers, FL Denver, CO New Haven, CT Omaha, NE Akron, OH
Overall Rating
four stars
four stars
four stars
four stars
four stars
Financial Rating four stars
four stars
four stars
four stars
four stars
A&T Rating four stars
four stars
four stars
four stars
four stars
Financial Metrics
Program Expenses 95.8% 87.2% 89.8% 88.4% 76.3%
Admin Expenses 2.7% 5.7% 4.3% 6.9% 17.1%
Fund Expenses 1.4% 6.9% 5.8% 4.6% 6.4%
Fund Efficiency $0.02 $0.16 $0.10 $0.08 $0.12
Program Growth 10.9% 7.4% 18.1% 3.8% 6.6%
Working Capital 1.72 1.72 1.03 1.51 2.00
Liabilitites to Assets 15.9% 34.6% 49.5% 35.7% 7.1%
Total Revenue $18,162,676 $18,323,813 $2,565,546 $17,992,260 $3,050,854
Total Expenses $15,610,960 $17,307,684 $2,588,422 $16,672,967 $3,001,925
Excess/Deficit $2,551,716 $1,016,129 $-22,876 $1,319,293 $48,929
Net Assets $24,160,362 $25,278,334 $2,168,970 $22,354,084 $5,608,527
CEO Compensation
% of Expenses
Accountability & Transparency Metrics
Information Provided on the Form 990      
Independent Voting Board Members
No Material diversion of assets
Audited financials prepared by independent accountant
Does Not Provide Loan(s) to or Receive Loan(s) From related parties
Documents Board Meeting Minutes
Provided copy of Form 990 to organization's governing body in advance of filing
Conflict of Interest Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Records Retention Policy
CEO listed with salary
Process for determining CEO compensation
Does Not Compensate Any Board Members
Does the charity's website include readily accessible information about the following:
Donor Privacy Policy
Board Members Listed
Audited Financials
Form 990
Key staff listed

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