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Human Services : Youth Development, Shelter, and Crisis Services

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Defenders of Potential

four stars


2502 North Rocky Point Drive Suite 550
Tampa, FL 33607
tel: (813) 720-8778   Web Site
EIN: 23-1365190

Board Leadership
Ken Burdick
Board Chair

Pam Iorio
President and Chief Executive Officer

Ratings History

Form 990 FYE Date Published Overall Score Overall Rating
CN 2.1
2018-06 08/01/2019 92.92 four stars
2017-06 06/01/2018 89.33 three stars
2017-06 05/01/2018 88.24 three stars
2016-06 06/01/2017 83.86 three stars
2015-06 10/01/2016 83.31 three stars
2014-06 07/01/2016 82.09 three stars
2014-06 06/01/2016 82.41 three stars
CN 2.0
2014-06 12/22/2015 79.63 two stars
2013-06 07/01/2015 76.38 two stars
2011-06 06/26/2013 --Donor Advisory

Prior to 9/1/2016, Charity Navigator issued Advisories under the name CN Watchlist and Donor Advisory. For more information on the CN Advisory system click here. This charity was issued a DA.

This donor advisory was published on Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In accordance with our policy for removing Donor Advisories, Charity Navigator removed the Donor Advisory for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America on July 1, 2015 because the Donor Advisory had been in place for more than a year (since June 2013) and because no new evidence supporting the issue that led to the Advisory has been recently found.

Charity Navigator had published a Donor Advisory on Big Brothers Big Sisters of America because we became aware of the following information in connection with this charity:

  • On June 24, 2013, The United States Department of Justice issued an Audit Report that stated it was freezing the disbursement of all grant funds to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA), noting that the organization was "in material non-compliance with the majority of the grant requirements" that were tested by the audit.  The audit also noted that "as a result of these weaknesses", the agency "questioned $19,462,448 in funding that the grantee has received and recommended the $3,714,838 in funds not yet disbursed be put to better use".  The audit further stated that "most significantly", it "found that BBBSA's practices for recording and supporting grant-related expenditures were inadequate to safeguard grant funds and ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the grants".

For more information, please see the reports issued by CBS News and Fox News.

2011-06 08/01/2012 90.86 four stars
2009-12 07/01/2012 80.52 three stars
2009-12 09/20/2011 79.52 two stars
CN 1.0
2009-12 05/01/2011 73.64 two stars
2008-12 04/01/2010 81.40 three stars
2007-12 12/17/2008 96.55 four stars
2006-12 10/01/2007 96.52 four stars
2005-12 09/01/2006 96.71 four stars
2004-03 12/01/2004 91.54 four stars
2003-03 12/01/2003 96.85 four stars

Charity Contact Info

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
2502 North Rocky Point Drive
Suite 550
Tampa, FL 33607
tel: (813) 720-8778
fax: (813) 749-9446
EIN: 23-1365190

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Board Leadership

Ken Burdick
Board Chair


Pam Iorio
President and Chief Executive Officer

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