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Animals : Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services

Charleston Animal Society

Preventing Cruelty to Animals Has Always Been Our Mission. Since 1874.

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2455 Remount Road North Charleston, SC 29406
tel: (843) 747-4849   Web Site
EIN: 57-6021863

Board Leadership
Laurel Greer

Joe Elmore
President & Chief Executive Officer

Ratings History

Form 990 FYE Date Published Overall Score Overall Rating
CN 2.1
2019-12 05/01/2021 86.35 three stars
2018-12 04/01/2020 87.73 three stars
2017-12 12/01/2018 94.16 four stars
2016-12 12/01/2017 95.14 four stars
2015-12 11/01/2016 95.27 four stars
2014-12 06/01/2016 95.47 four stars
CN 2.0
2014-12 12/22/2015 91.29 four stars
2013-12 06/01/2015 95.97 four stars
2012-12 05/01/2014 95.37 four stars
2011-12 02/11/2013 --Donor Advisory

Prior to 9/1/2016, Charity Navigator issued Advisories under the name CN Watchlist and Donor Advisory. For more information on the CN Advisory system click here. This charity was issued a DA.

This donor advisory was published on Monday, February 11, 2013

In accordance with our policy for removing Donor Advisories, Charity Navigator removed the Donor Advisory for the Charleston Animal Society on May 1, 2014 because the Donor Advisory had been in place for more than a year (since February 2013) and because the issues that prompted the Donor Advisory have been resolved as noted in a news report. Specifically:

  • On November 21, 2013 the Post and Courier reported that  "prosecutors have dismissed an embezzlement charge against former Charleston Animal Society President Charles Karesh in connection with about $71,000 that went missing from the organization." The article goes on to say that "Karesh, 57, of Windermere Boulevard, resigned from his position with the animal society in December 2011 after being questioned about $69,000 that was reported missing. Board members later said the money was returned, and no charges were brought at the time." Furthermore, the charity  "made changes after Karesh left the organization. Among other things, it established separate finance and audit committees, and hired new chief financial and executive officers with nonprofit management experience." For more information, please see the Post and Courier article

Charity Navigator had published a Donor Advisory for this charity because we became aware of the following information in connection with this charity:

  • On February 1, 2013, ABC News in Charleston, S.C., reported that "the former president of the Charleston Animal Society [Charles Karesh] who stepped down from the post more than a year ago has been charged with embezzlement of public funds." The news report went on to say that "according to the affidavit, Karesh stole $71,388 while acting as Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors [of the Charleston Animal Society] between September 2007 and September 2011. " For more information, please see the ABC News report.
2011-12 12/20/2012 91.11 four stars
2010-12 02/01/2012 86.93 three stars
2009-12 09/20/2011 86.27 three stars
CN 1.0
2009-12 02/01/2011 96.02 four stars
2008-12 02/01/2010 98.32 four stars
2007-12 12/17/2008 87.94 three stars
2006-12 12/15/2007 91.34 four stars
2005-12 12/15/2006 80.82 three stars
2004-12 01/01/2006 96.32 four stars
2003-12 02/01/2005 90.11 four stars

Charity Contact Info

Charleston Animal Society
2455 Remount Road
North Charleston, SC 29406
tel: (843) 747-4849
fax: (843) 747-1012
EIN: 57-6021863

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Board Leadership

Laurel Greer


Joe Elmore
President & Chief Executive Officer

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