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International : Humanitarian Relief Supplies

CN Advisory: Moderate Concern

Catholic Medical Mission Board

Improving the health of women and children in disadvantaged communities

four stars


100 Wall Street, 9th FL. New York, NY 10005
tel: (800) 678-5659   Web Site
EIN: 13-5602319

Board Leadership
Rosemary Moynihan

Bruce Wilkinson
President and CEO

Ratings History

Form 990 FYE Date Published Overall Score Overall Rating
CN 2.1
2016-09 05/07/2018 97.23 four stars
-- 04/27/2018 --Moderate Concern Advisory

On March 12, 2018, it came to the attention of Charity Navigator that Catholic Medical Mission Board is the subject of an open action by The California Attorney General's Office according to court documents. For this reason, we have issued a Moderate Concern CN Advisory. For more information regarding the charges reported, please see the California Attorney General's Office's website.

Charity Response

Since 1912, CMMB has been dedicated to increasing access to health for the poor through delivery of health services, volunteers, and medicines. Our medical donations have reached partners in 123 countries, and have helped millions live healthier lives. Our focus is on ensuring safe delivery of high quality medication to the last mile.  CMMB has earned our reputation of excellence in stewardship and delivery of high quality medical donations in the developing world by upholding the trust and responsibility placed in us by the patients and families we serve as well as the partners who provide resources to support this work. 
In March the California Attorney General’s (CAG) office expressed concern that CMMB, and many other reputable and recognized non-profit organizations with medical donation programs assisting the poor, are valuing certain donated medicines using U.S. wholesale pricing that the AG asserts doesn’t comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), leading to a misrepresentation of the organization’s efficiency ratios to California residents.   CMMB disagrees with these findings and has filed an appeal with the CAG’s Office and the matter is under review. 
Quality, accountability, transparency and integrity have been central to all aspects of CMMB’s mission and drive how we conduct our programs and how we reflect that work to our constituencies.  CMMB’s nationally-recognized independent accounting firm has certified without qualification that our valuation of medicines and other gifts is in all material respects fairly presented, and complies with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) set by the independent U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and IRS regulations.  CMMB’s valuation method meets high industry standards, including those of the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), a global alliance leading the development and championing of high standards in medical supply and service donations. CMMB’s Forms 990 and audited financial statements are available to the public on our website: www.cmmb.org/about-us/financials
CMMB has the utmost confidence in the integrity of the valuation methodology used by most non-profit organizations with medical donation programs. Like CMMB, many of these organizations have received high ratings by Charity Navigator, but have not yet been the subject of a review by the State of California.  CMMB has complied with the CAG’s request to refrain from using certain statements of efficiency and valuation based on our medical donation valuation in our communications to Californian residents and we continue to conduct outreach activities in the State with the CAG’s approval.  We continue to follow the guidance of FASB, GAAP and the IRS, the authoritative governing bodies, as we work towards a solution with the CAG and the broader industry on the concerns raised by this administrative action.
2016-09 12/22/2017 97.23 four stars
2015-09 03/01/2017 96.83 four stars
2014-09 06/01/2016 97.23 four stars
CN 2.0
2014-09 12/01/2015 97.63 four stars
2013-09 03/01/2015 97.87 four stars
2013-09 11/01/2014 97.16 four stars
2012-09 02/01/2014 91.34 four stars
2011-09 09/01/2012 97.64 four stars
2009-09 09/20/2011 95.69 four stars
CN 1.0
2009-09 11/01/2010 94.70 four stars
2008-09 12/01/2009 85.60 three stars
2007-09 12/17/2008 92.06 four stars
2006-09 11/01/2007 84.54 three stars
2005-09 11/01/2006 92.11 four stars
2004-09 01/01/2006 91.64 four stars
2003-09 12/01/2004 91.84 four stars

Charity Contact Info

Catholic Medical Mission Board
100 Wall Street, 9th FL.
New York, NY 10005
tel: (800) 678-5659
fax: (212) 807-9161
EIN: 13-5602319

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Board Leadership

Rosemary Moynihan


Bruce Wilkinson
President and CEO

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