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CN Advisory: High Concern

National Hispana Leadership Institute

Developing Latinas as Ethical Leaders

P. O. Box 53038 Washington, DC 20009
tel: (703) 527-6007   Web Site
EIN: 74-2544980

Board Leadership
Cecelia M. Espenoza
Chairwoman of the Board


On May 15, 2016, the IRS automatically revoked the federal tax exemption status of National Hispana Leadership Institute for "failure to file a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years." For this reason, we have issued a High Concern CN Advisory. For more information, please see the IRS register for tax-exempt organizations.

The concerns raised about organizational legitimacy and/or federal tax law compliance are serious both in nature and scope and have thus warranted this CN Advisory. We have published this advisory to provide donors with content that they may find useful when making their giving decisions. Charity Navigator is not responsible for the nature or content of the information presented through external sources and websites. For more information on how or when we decide to publish a CN Advisory, please review our methodology.

Form 990 FYE Date Published Overall Score Overall Rating
CN 2.0
2012-12 12/31/2015 --Donor Advisory

This donor advisory was published on Thursday, December 31, 2015

  • Charities are required to file the Form 990 (annual tax return) with the IRS annually. A 501(c)3 public charity must file their Form 990 by the 15th day of the 5th month after the organization's accounting period ends. An organization can request a three month extension, which is granted automatically, upon filing Form 8868 with the IRS.  An organization can file for another three month extension, but it will be reviewed and the application must show reasonable cause for the additional time required.  For more information on this, please see page 6 of the IRS Form 990 instructions.  
  • Charity Navigator receives the Form 990 for all charities we rate on a monthly basis directly from the IRS. The last Form 990 for this charity we received was for the 2012 tax year. We have reached out to National Hispana Leadership Institute to obtain a more recent Form 990, but we have either not received a reply, or if we did receive a reply, it was an inadequate explanation as to why it hasn't filed a more recent return with the IRS. We are therefore unable to evaluate National Hispana Leadership Institute and thus have issued this Donor Advisory.
2012-12 05/01/2014 73.08 two stars
2011-12 06/01/2013 77.04 two stars

The data displayed on this tab is provided by the IRS in the form of Publication 78 and the Business Master File (BMF).

EIN 74-2544980
Name in IRS Master File National Hispana Leadership Institute
NTEE Code [Not Provided by IRS]
NTEE Classification [Not Provided by IRS]
NTEE Type [Not Provided by IRS]
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Foundation Status
Group Name [Not Applicable]
Filing Requirement
Fiscal Year End
IRS Forms 990
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  • December, 2012
  • December, 2011
  • December, 2010
  • December, 2009
  • December, 2008

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National Hispana Leadership Institute
P. O. Box 53038
Washington, DC 20009
tel: (703) 527-6007
fax: (703) 527-6009
EIN: 74-2544980

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Board Leadership

Cecelia M. Espenoza
Chairwoman of the Board

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