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Human and Civil Rights : Advocacy and Education

CN Advisory: Moderate Concern

Americans Helping America

9795 Business Park Drive Sacramento, CA 84717

EIN: 45-2614083



On February 12, 2016, Fox 40 reported on the charges of improper conduct allegedly taking place at Americans Helping America, in an article titled, "Alleged Adult Adoption Scammer Pleads Not Guilty." Charity Navigator published a Moderate Concern CN Advisory as the allegations have yet to be confirmed. For more information regarding this matter, please see the Fox 40 article.

  • On May 3, 2017, The Sacramento Bee published an article titled, "He promised undocumented adults citizenship by getting adopted. Now he's on trial for fraud." For more information, please see The Sacramento Bee article.

This charity has received a Moderate Concern Advisory due to an open or pending investigation regarding allegations of possible illegal activity, improper conduct, organizational mismanagement, or other matters of concern. Please note that this investigation has not concluded and that the allegations being investigated have not been confirmed by the U.S. legal system. Charity Navigator aims to provide donors and users with as much information as possible in order to make an informed giving decision. This advisory will be updated once we become aware that the investigation is completed. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors of sources used for the reported information, and not those of Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is not responsible for the nature or content of the information presented through such external sources and websites. For more information on how or when we decide to publish a CN Advisory, please review our methodology.

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EIN 45-2614083
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  • December, 2013
  • December, 2011

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Americans Helping America
9795 Business Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 84717
EIN: 45-2614083

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