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CN Advisory: High Concern

National Cancer Coalition

Committed to fighting cancer through relief, research and education

333 Fayetteville Street Suite 1500
Raleigh, NC 27601

EIN: 76-0435022

Hall Overall
President and CEO


On March 6, 2018, the California Attorney General's Office released documents regarding The National Cancer Coalition, Inc. For this reason, we have issued a High Concern CN Advisory. For more information regarding the charges reported, please see the complaint filed by the California Attorney General's Office.

The concerns raised about illegal activity, improper conduct, or organizational mismanagement are serious both in nature and scope and have thus warranted this CN Advisory. We have published this advisory to provide donors with content that they may find useful when making their giving decisions. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors of sources used for the reported information, and not those of Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is not responsible for the nature or content of the information presented through such external sources and websites. For more information on how or when we decide to publish a CN Advisory, please review our methodology.

Form 990 FYE Date Published Overall Score Overall Rating
CN 2.1
2013-09 03/20/2018 --Donor Advisory

This donor advisory was published on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CN 2.0
2011-09 09/01/2012 84.35 three stars
2010-09 11/01/2011 94.10 four stars
2009-09 09/20/2011 94.13 four stars
CN 1.0
2009-09 11/01/2010 92.26 four stars
2008-09 12/01/2009 92.24 four stars
2007-09 09/01/2008 92.17 four stars
2006-09 06/01/2007 92.15 four stars
2005-09 09/01/2006 92.04 four stars
2004-09 08/01/2005 91.60 four stars
2003-09 03/01/2004 85.63 three stars
2002-09 10/01/2003 64.40 one star
2001-09 10/15/2002 65.08 one star

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EIN 76-0435022
Name in IRS Master File National Cancer Coalition
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NTEE Classification [Not Provided by IRS]
NTEE Type [Not Provided by IRS]
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Foundation Status
Group Name [Not Applicable]
Filing Requirement
Fiscal Year End
IRS Forms 990
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  • September, 2014
  • September, 2013
  • September, 2012
  • September, 2011
  • September, 2010

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Charity Contact Info

National Cancer Coalition
333 Fayetteville Street
Suite 1500
Raleigh, NC 27601
EIN: 76-0435022


Hall Overall
President and CEO

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