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Medical Missions for Children

Global telemedicine & teaching network

35 Getty Avenue Building 400
Paterson, NJ 07503
tel: (973) 754-4960   Web Site
EIN: 22-3536072

Board Leadership
Frank J. Brady

Frank J. Brady



Charities are required to file an annual federal tax return (the Form 990) with the IRS. A 501(c)3 public charity must file their Form 990 by the 15th day of the 5th month after the organization's accounting period ends. Upon filing Form 8868, an organization can request a 3-month extension, which is granted automatically. An organization can file for another 3-month extension, but it will be reviewed and the application must show reasonable cause for the additional time required. We have reached out to Medical Missions for Children for further clarification as to why we have not received their most recent Form 990 from the IRS yet, but have not received an adequate explanation and have thus issued this Moderate Concern CN Advisory. For more information on this, please see page 6 of the IRS Form 990 instructions.

The nature of the atypical financial reporting issues identified are such that Charity Navigator has issued this CN Advisory to provide donors with information that they may find useful when making their giving decisions. Charity Navigator is not responsible for the nature or content of the information presented through external sources and websites. For more information on how or when we decide to publish a CN Advisory, please review our methodology.

Form 990 FYE Date Published Overall Score Overall Rating
CN 2.1
2016-12 06/01/2018 66.30 one star
2015-12 07/01/2017 78.44 two stars
2014-12 06/01/2016 72.00 two stars
CN 2.0
2014-12 04/01/2016 70.79 two stars
2013-12 07/01/2015 73.16 two stars
2012-12 04/01/2014 78.77 two stars
2011-12 06/01/2013 82.97 three stars
2010-12 03/01/2012 72.16 two stars
2009-12 09/20/2011 79.00 two stars
CN 1.0
2009-12 05/01/2011 80.23 three stars
2008-12 05/01/2010 78.68 two stars
2007-12 05/01/2009 77.92 two stars
2006-12 02/01/2008 78.60 two stars
2005-12 12/15/2006 92.14 four stars
2004-12 11/01/2005 92.18 four stars

The data displayed on this tab is provided by the IRS in the form of Publication 78 and the Business Master File (BMF).

EIN 22-3536072
Name in IRS Master File Medical Missions for Children
NTEE Code [Not Provided by IRS]
NTEE Classification [Not Provided by IRS]
NTEE Type [Not Provided by IRS]
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Foundation Status
Group Name [Not Applicable]
Filing Requirement
Fiscal Year End
IRS Forms 990
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  • December, 2016
  • December, 2015
  • December, 2014
  • December, 2013
  • December, 2012

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Medical Missions for Children
35 Getty Avenue
Building 400
Paterson, NJ 07503
tel: (973) 754-4960
fax: (973) 754-4971
EIN: 22-3536072

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Board Leadership

Frank J. Brady


Frank J. Brady