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CN Watchlist

Charity Navigator launched in 2002, with an evaluation system that graded charities on a 0 to 4-star rating.  By 2010, we were seeing enough serious charges against and questionable reporting by charities and their leadership that we decided it was time to add another designation – the Donor Advisory – as a way to help inform and protect donors. And then in 2014, we added another designation - the CN Watchlist.

A charity will appear on the CN Watchlist when we become aware of conduct that may affect a donor's decision to support that charity. Unlike Donor Advisories, the Watchlist charities' ratings remain in place alongside the alert. Charities will typically remain on the Watchlist for six months and just like the Donor Advisory, we want to see evidence that the issues identified in the Watchlist have been resolved in order to remove the Watchlist entry. Once a charity is no longer on the Watchlist, a record of the alert will remain in the 'Historical' section of its profile for a year so that donors can be informed about the issue.

For more information, please see How we decide to add a charity to the CN Watchlist.


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