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    Charity Navigator's Partnership Program

    Amplify the causes that your brand supports, increase visibility of highly rated nonprofits, and drive informed decision-making for millions of donors.

    Align passion with purpose for greater impact

    For more than two decades, Charity Navigator has been the guiding light for philanthropy, leading donors to make informed decisions. Our mission has always been to make impactful giving easier for all: ensuring that generosity reaches effective and efficient serving those in need.

    Now, we're teaming up with some of the most innovative entities in the business world to sponsor our curated lists. With Charity Navigator, companies gain a platform that resonates with millions of conscious donors and will contribute directly to elevating the standards of charitable giving, joining forces with the largest and most-trusted charity evaluator in the world. 

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    Our Commitment to Donors


    Charity Navigator will prioritize upholding our unbiased reputation and rigor in all of our partnerships. To ensure our continued objectivity, we are committed to the following guidelines:


    Independence & Integrity in Charity Selection:   It is strictly prohibited for the sponsor to intervene in the selection process of the charities listed. They are neither authorized to suggest any charities initially, nor allowed to eliminate any charities from the list at any stage. The curation of the list will be carried out entirely by the Charity Navigator staff to ensure impartiality, and our selection process will be transparently communicated to donors.


    Disclosure:  Charity Navigator will disclose that a company has sponsored a list. If the sponsor is a foundation or a rated organization, this will also be disclosed on their profile page.


    Sponsor selection:  Charity Navigator maintains neutrality and may reject sponsors misaligned with our mission or values. Charity Navigator will establish a robust internal review process to prevent actual or perceived conflicts of interest. This process will involve a thorough assessment of the sponsor's interests, ensuring they do not compromise the integrity of the charity list.  Additionally, sponsors must align with the causes they support. Charity Navigator will only accept sponsorship from organizations or individuals whose values and interests are consistent with the curated list's theme to ensure authenticity and relevance.


    Public Input and Feedback: Charity Navigator will evaluate donor perception of our brand and trustworthiness. To ensure public trust and accountability, Charity Navigator will actively seek and consider feedback from its website visitors and stakeholders regarding sponsored curated charity lists. This engagement will help the organization improve its practices and maintain its reputation for integrity. If these metrics are negatively affected, we will reassess the program


    Legal and Ethical Compliance: Charity Navigator will ensure that all sponsorship agreements adhere to legal and ethical guidelines. We will also maintain a strict code of organizational conduct to uphold our values and principles.


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    Learn How We Curate Our Lists

    View the criteria we use to select charities for our Where to Give Now, Popular Charities, and Best Charities lists.