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March 24, 2014 MarketWatch
Charities that pay more to fundraisers than the needy
March 24, 2014 The WorldPost
Chelsea Clinton: There Are Platforms Beyond Politics To Make Change
March 5, 2014 NJ BIZ
Medical millionaires: The compensation packages of hospital heads are drawing attention
March 5, 2014 The Willis Report
Charities short-changed
February 27, 2014 Chronicle of Philanthropy
House Tax Plan Would Penalize Nonprofits That Pay High Salaries
February 7, 2014 The New York Times
The Effect Crowdfunding Has on Venerable Nonprofits Raises Concern
December 23, 2013 WZZM-TV
Michigan telemarketing firm takes huge chunk out of charity donations
December 22, 2013 PBS Newshour
How to choose a charity that really delivers
December 19, 2013 The Willis Report
Tips for long-term donations
December 18, 2013 Yahoo! Finance
Charity gift cards let recipient donate to favorite cause
December 14, 2013 Fox & Friends
How to make sure your charitable donations go to right cause
December 13, 2013 Outside the Lines
Tax breaks power PGA Tour giving
December 13, 2013 Investor's Business Daily
Online Donation Sites Make Gift-Giving A Win-Win
December 9, 2013 The Willis Report
What are the worst charities in America?
November 26, 2013 KTRK-TV
When you donate to 100 Club, where's your money exactly going?
November 25, 2013 KSL
Vietnow charity keeps most money raised, man discovers
November 25, 2013 KVOA - TV
Checking The Charities
November 22, 2013 Main Street
10 Best Charities in America
November 22, 2013 FoxBusiness
How to Find Volunteer Opportunities This Holiday Season
November 21, 2013 GivingTuesday Blog
Charity Navigator Provides Nonprofit Data for #GivingTuesday
November 21, 2013 Wired Magazine
Q & A: Swamped by charity requests
November 21, 2013 CNBC
$2,500 donated: How much makes it to charity?
November 20, 2013 Gannett Wisconsin Media
Chat transcript: Wisconsin athletes and their charities
November 15, 2013 Marketplace
How to find reputable charities
November 14, 2013 Associated Press
Money preferred form of charity for typhoon relief
November 12, 2013 CBS Philly
Beware Of Charity Scams In Wake Of Typhoon Haiyan
November 11, 2013 ABC
3 Things to Consider Before Donating to Typhoon Haiyan Relief Charities
November 11, 2013 USA TODAY
5 tips to avoid typhoon charity scams
November 10, 2013 The Wall Street Journal
How to Determine If a Charity Is Effective
November 7, 2013 The New York Times
How to Choose a Charity Wisely
October 31, 2013 Fox 5
Shame Shame Shame
October 22, 2013 NPR
Charity Watchdog Shakes Up Ratings To Focus On Results
October 21, 2013 Aspen Public Radio
RMI Tops Environmental, Mid Size Charities for Executive Pay
October 14, 2013 New York Post
Study looks at nonprofit groups with millionaire CEOs
October 10, 2013 CNN Money
Top nonprofit CEOs pay exceeds $1 million
October 1, 2013 The Star-Ledger
Clifton breast cancer charity funds no-strings-attached research
September 24, 2013 The Huffington Post
A-lot-a Pallotta, But Very Little to Charity
September 23, 2013 WFAA
Taylor's Gift CEO defends $100,000 salary
September 22, 2013 The Charlotte Observer
Carolinas HealthCare's planes used for business, personal trips
September 22, 2013 Chicago Tribune
Muscular Dystrophy Association moving to Chicago area
September 16, 2013 SunTrust
Smart Strategies for Charitable Donations
September 14, 2013 Marine Corps Times
Using brawn to raise bucks
September 13, 2013 Star-Telegram
Giving Day to bring attention -- and money -- to DFW charities
September 12, 2013 Boston Herald
One Fund's second act 'uncharted territory'
September 10, 2013 The Chronicle of Philanthropy - Online Chat
How to Get Ready for Charity Navigator's New Ratings System
September 9, 2013 ARHE
Helping Athletic Charities & Foundation Succeed
September 8, 2013 Tampa Bay Times
Charity Regulator Wants Reform
September 8, 2013 The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Nonprofits Anxiously Try to Show Results for New Charity Navigator Ratings
September 8, 2013 The Chronicle of Philanthropy
How Charity Navigator's New Approach Affected a Social-Services Charity
September 6, 2013 Forbes
4 Charitable Giving Tips From Warren Buffett

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