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April 28, 2015 Asbury Park Press
Nepal earthquake: 7 tips to avoid charity scam
April 26, 2015 New York Post
Charity watchdog: Clinton Foundation a 'slush fund'
April 25, 2015 PRI
How to help Nepal
April 20, 2015 WKMG-TV
How to check out charities before donating
March 24, 2015 Houston Chronicle
With oil industry woes, Houston charities relying on individuals and diversified donor base
March 16, 2015 Successful Fundraising
Make the Most of Your Charity Navigator Rating
March 8, 2015 Orange County Register
Watchdog: What charities are collecting - and pocketing
February 4, 2015 The Charlotte Observer
Carolinas HealthCare CEO paid $5.3 million in 2014
January 30, 2015 CNN Money
Fake charities prey on your goodwill to make bank
January 30, 2015 Visceral Blog
4 Ways Charity Navigator Can Increase Your Donor Dollars
January 22, 2015 WFMY TV
Where did All The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Money Go?
January 20, 2015 Huffington Post
6 Things You Should Know About Donating To Charity
January 17, 2015 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Benchmarking against peers propels CEO pay higher
December 16, 2014 KABC
What's The Best Charity To Donate To?
December 15, 2014 WPLG
Charity Navigator VP says veteran's group 990 form raises 'red flags'
December 15, 2014 WPLG
Veterans living with bed bugs in building not zoned for residential use
December 9, 2014 The Willis Report - Fox Business News
Getting the most from your charitable giving
December 6, 2014 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Charities grapple with CEO compensation
December 2, 2014 WTOP FM
Tips for secure, meaningful giving this holiday season
December 1, 2014 Kiplinger
How to Make the Most of Your Charitable Giving
November 26, 2014 CBS
How to protect yourself against charity fraud during the holidays
November 20, 2014 Citizen-Times
Questions linger over Beyond Coal campaign
November 13, 2014 The Willis Report - Fox Business News
The potential pitfalls of checkout charities
November 10, 2014 Bank of America
Charitable Giving: How to evaluate and support good causes
October 26, 2014 Crain's Detroit Business
New funds help athletes score in philanthropy
October 8, 2014 USA TODAY
Ebola virus outbreak: How you can help
October 6, 2014 MSN Money
Are you donating too much to charity?
October 5, 2014 USA TODAY
Pink ribbons, ice buckets: Any way to choose a charity?
September 21, 2014 Chronicle of Philanthropy
As the Economy Heats Up, Nonprofit CEOs See Pay Rise
September 21, 2014 News-Press
Some support the troops charities support scams
September 19, 2014 CBS This Morning
Next "challenge" is for the ALS charity itself
September 13, 2014 TheStreet
Ice Bucket Challenge for Charity? Here are 10 ALS Charities to Consider
September 2, 2014 The NonProfit Times
Charity Navigator Goes To 100-Point Ratings System
August 28, 2014 Bloomberg TV
What Will ALS Association Do With Ice Bucket Cash?
August 27, 2014 NPR
Life After Ice Buckets: ALS Group Faces $94 Million Challenge
August 23, 2014 MarketWatch
The ice-bucket challenge is a one-hit wonder: The cold, hard truth
August 19, 2014 WNYC: The Brian Lehrer Show
Throwing Cold Water on the #IceBucketChallenge
August 19, 2014 Mashable
Chill Out: Your #IceBucketChallenge Donations Are in Good Hands
August 4, 2014 Chronicle of Philanthropy
Charity Watchdogs Scoff at Direct Marketers' Self-Reporting Effort
August 1, 2014 The NonProfit Times
Big Fines Might Have Little Impact
July 21, 2014 International Business Times
MH17 Scams: Malaysia Airlines Crash Spawns Facebook, Twitter Fraud; Expect More
July 2, 2014 Navy Times
Exclusive: Nonprofit CEO cashes in on religious freedom campaign
June 15, 2014 The Spokesman-Review
Volunteer puts Second Harvest first
June 14, 2014 NPR
The 'Kony 2012' Effect: Recovering From A Viral Sensation
June 11, 2014 Tampa Bay Business Journal
Tampa metro ranks low for charities
June 6, 2014 Houston Chronicle
Houston charities among tops in U.S. for well-run operations
June 5, 2014 Philadelphia Business Journal
Philly charities 13th best in nation, top 10 in financial health
June 4, 2014 The Gazette
Colorado Springs charities get both high and low marks in ranking
June 4, 2014 The NonProfit Times
Best Run Charities, Meet Them In St. Louie
June 4, 2014 Houston News 92 FM Radio
Houston ranks second on Charity Navigator's annual list

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