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10 Charities in Deep Financial Trouble


If an organization owes more than it owns, that's a bad sign. If the bills it owes by the end of the year are more than it can pay, that's an even worse sign. These 10 charities are insolvent. Not only do their total liabilities, or what they owe, exceed their total assets, they also maintain negative working capital -- that is, the bills they owe exceed available assets that can be used to pay those bills. While these charities may not be facing bankruptcy, their fundamental insolvency puts these charities in a very dangerous position.

Rank Charity Working Capital
1 Seattle Symphony $-12,800,355
2 Hale House Center $-11,042,958
3 Child Welfare League of America $-4,523,435
4 Teen Mania Ministries $-4,166,875
5 Agape Villages $-3,956,096
6 Virginia Symphony Orchestra $-2,231,579
7 American Friends of Rabbinical College of Telzstone $-2,165,595
8 Heart Support of America $-2,106,446
9 Ballet San Jose $-2,095,327
10 CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation $-2,020,776
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