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Popular Charities

Gain insight into which charities fellow Charity Navigator users are searching for, viewing, and supporting.

Every year, more than 11 million donors come to Charity Navigator to find and support charities that align with their passions and values. To help provide you with insight into where other donors' hearts and minds are, we've curated lists of Popular Charities. Check out the lists below.

  • Crowd of supporters
    Most Followed Charities
    See the organizations with that have been favorited the most on Charity Navigator.
    10 charities
  • Most Viewed Charities
    Most Viewed Charities
    Check out the organizations that have been viewed the most over the past the 30 days.
    10 charities
  • Household Name Charities
    Household Name Charities
    Explore large, well-known charities working in various causes.
    10 charities
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Learn How We Curate Our Lists

View the criteria we use to select charities for our Where to Give Now, Popular Charities, and Best Charities lists.