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At Charity Navigator, we recognize that charity evaluation may not be the most scintillating of topics for most observers. That said, we are constantly searching for ways to help givers navigate a crowded marketplace, and to make this often-complex subject a tad more interesting. In the following Top 10 Lists, we identify those charities in our database that meet certain desirable or undesirable patterns of performance. As with all of our ratings of charities, the inclusion of each charity in this list is based entirely on whether or not it matched the criteria we defined for the list. In other words, we included charities based on how they performed in our rating system, not on our subjective opinions of those charities.

Furthermore, our lists are dynamic. The charities on each list changes when we publish updated and new charity ratings. We publish new ratings data on the first of each month. As such, users are invited to return to the site on a monthly basis to see how the composition of our Top 10 lists have changed.

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