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    Charities Rated Highly by their Participants

    Feedback Excellence | Discover top-rated charities that are at the forefront of a movement to prioritize the voices and feedback of the people they serve, shaping their decisions and measuring their impact.

    Why Listening Matters - Putting People First

    The organizations featured in this list are leading a movement that places the voices and perspectives of their beneficiaries at the heart of their measurement practices, offering an innovative alternative to conventional evaluation models. Organizations that actively listen to their beneficiaries often excel in delivering high-quality and impactful programs.

    Our Encompass Rating System™ comprehensively analyzes charity performance across four key domains, which we call "beacons." These four areas are combined to create a zero to four-star star rating. Charities with a three or four-star rating meet or exceed industry standards and best practices.

    NPS, the score shown below, is a widely employed customer satisfaction question across various industries. It is commonly used to gain insights into customer satisfaction. NPS scores span from -100 to 100, and any score above zero signifies that more individuals are highly satisfied with the organizations than those who are not. The score can be explored further, including its calculation, in this resource.

    Empowering Change: Supporting Organizations Committed to Listening and Transparency

    We applaud these organizations for their transparency, and commitment to listening practices. We encourage you to consider supporting one of these exceptional organizations today as they persist in their mission to serve their communities.

    For further insights into this movement, explore Stand Together Foundation's Customer First Measurement Portal


    The Feedback Excellence list was curated in collaboration with and made possible through the support of the Stand Together Foundation.

    List of Best Charities Rated Highly by their Participants

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